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Restaurant in Coventry

Allesley Hotel

  Birmingham Road , Coventry 024 7640 3272
  Sprawling modern hotel in old village centre, offering traditional menus and Saturday night carvery disco.
  Artists Fare Restaurant
  The Beechwood Inn, Coventry 024 7633 8662
  Substantial, family orientated menu in edge-of-city pub and hotel, built around an old farmhouse.
  Corporation Street, Coventry 024 7663 4949
  First new Greek restaurant in Coventry for twenty years. Music, dancers and a rip-roaring time upstairs, quiet, candlelit dining downstairs.
  21 Spon Street, Coventry 024 7622 9274
  Elegant cafe, bar and bistro in 500-year-old building serving boulangerie lunches, Mediterranean salads and full restaurant menu, set against jazz and blues background.
  Bombay Joe’s
  Walsgrave Road, Coventry 024 7644 5697
  Modern Indian restaurant with European style, buffet nights and a menu you won’t find anywhere else in Coventry.
  Brooklands Grange
  Holyhead Road, Coventry 024 7660 1601
  Quality hotel restaurant in leafy, edge-of-city location serving traditional and modern English food to rosette standard.
  Jordan Well, Coventry 024 7622 1100
  Family owned and managed cafe bar with a long-standing reputation for its food. Up to 30 different dishes, strong vegetarian menu. Serving most of the day.
  Burger King
  Market Way, Coventry 024 7663 0100
  Also at Oliver Way, Cross Point (024 7660 3661), and Central Six Retail Park, Warwick Road (new).
  Cafe Granigans
  Hertford Street, Coventry 024 7622 9972
  Lunchtime snacks and specials menu aimed at shoppers. Evening menu has a wider appeal.
  Cheylesmore Balti
  Daventry Road, Coventry 024 7650 6147
  Well established Balti on busy parade of shops. Open past midnight on Friday/ Saturday.
  Cork’s Wine Bar
  4/5 Whitefriar’s Street , Coventry 024 7622 3628
  Established more that 20 years. New owners have made changes to the menu to draw in a more student crowd.
  Coventry Kebab House
  New Union Street, Coventry 024 7622 0358
  Handy late - night fueling station with a menu boasting a dozen different types of kebabs including a Lady Godiva Special. Take-away open all day till 1 am.
  Dragon Phoenix
  Hertford Place, Coventry 024 7625 8688
  Popular Chinese buffet restaurant , open seven days a week. Advisable to book.
  Etna Ristorante
  Hertford Street, Coventry 024 7663 2493
  Well - established and busy Italian restaurant located in proposed eating-out quarter. Italian and Sicilian dishes served in comfortable surroundings.
  Falstaffs at the Belgrade
  Corporation Street, Coventry 024 7622 8052
  Upstairs eating house in a theatrical setting. Menus very thespian but non-theatre goers welcome. Closed Sundays.
  Fernleaf Restaurant
  Walsgrave Road, Coventry 024 7665 0199
  Busy Chinese restaurant serving Peking and Cantonese food in recently extended premises. Closed Sundays.
  Hogans Bar and Bistro
  John Reay Golf Centre, Coventry 024 7633 6465
  Relaxing rendezvous after a thrashing time on the driving range.
  Istanbul Lokanta
  The Butts , Coventry 024 7622 2342
  Turkish restaurant in student area. Homely atmosphere and food at reasonable prices. Last orders 11.30pm.
  10 - 12 Cross Cheaping , Coventry 024 7622 7246
  Also at The Forum, Walsgrave Road (024 7644 7245)
  Karahi King
  Foleshill Road, Coventry 024 7668 0620
  Fully licenced Balti. Student discounts and lunchtime buffet special. Open seven days a week.
  L’Imran Experience
  14 The Butts, Coventryf 024 7623 1619
  Superior new eating experience afrom South Asia, with extensive buffet and specialist dishes from Goa, Nepal, Benmgal, Pakistan and Malaysia.
  Lino’s Restaurant
  5 Brinklow Road, Coventry 024 7663 5760
  Up-market, edge-of-city restaurant that’s been a businessmen’s favourite for years.
  Lloyds No.1
  High Street, Coventry 024 7622 5575
  Cafe bar and brasserie in elegant former bank premises. Menu goes from “Early Bird” breakfasts to evening meals. Open late at the weekends.
  Londons Restaurant
  Chace Hotel, Coventry 024 7633 3398
  Traditional English cuisine in the impressive setting of what was once an imposing private home.
  Cross Cheaping, Coventry 024 7652 5745
  Also at Wigston Road, Walsgrave (024 7661 2492), Alvis Retail Park (024 7660 1230), Arlington Park, Tile Hill Lane (024 7669 1561)
  Mogul Balti
  Earlsdon Street, Coventry 024 7671 5709
  One of a clutch of Indian restaurants located in Earlsdon. Located above Italian restaurant. Balti style.
  Monsoon Restaurant
  Far Gosford Street, Coventry 024 7622 9651
  Located at the heart of late-night country and open till 1 am Friday - Sunday. Punjabi cuisine and Balti style.
  Moonlight Balti
  Foleshill Road, Coventry 024 7663 3414
  Well set up Balti with loyal clientele. Fully licenced but you can bring your own drinks.
  Old Orleans, Skydome
  Croft Road, Coventry 024 7663 1760
  Restaurant and cocktail bar in new leisure complex offering a taste of the deep south, with Creole and Cajun high on the menu.
  Ostler’s Eating House
  166 Spon Street, Coventry 024 7622 6603
  Genuine mediaeval building and cosy atmosphere. Home cooked style and friendly approach has kept it going on a street that’s in need of some new life.
  Mercia House, Coventry 024 7622 5449
  Long-established outpost of Peking and Cantonese cuisine in city centre. Awkward entrance via lift from precinct but views are great! Closed Sundays.
  Parsons Nose
  Bishop Street, Coventry  
  A stalwart on Coventry’s nightlife scene when the city didn’t really have one. Still a fixture as a late-night feeding station.
  Pizza Express
  Hay Lane, Coventry 024 7663 3156
  Superior pizza experience in elegant setting of a 16th century merchant’s house. Italian beer and all round ethnic feel.
  Pizza Hut
  Ironmonger Row, Coventry 024 7622 6116
  Also at Cross Point Retail Park (024 7660 3040).
  Quo Vadis
  Barker Butts Lane, Coventry 024 7659 4124
  Up-market Italian restaurant established more than 25 years ago, when restaurants were even less numerous in Coventry than they are now. Business lunches and special occasion dining a speciality.
  Red Hot Chilli Pepper and Gringos
  Gosford Street, Coventry 024 7663 4563
  Balti restaurant at heart of student quarter with Gringos bar open till 2 am. Live music.
  Ristorante Da Vinci
  Earlsdon Street, Coventry 024 7671 3554
  Sophisticated style and elegant Italian cuisine in air-conditioned restaurant that seats up to 70.
  Royal Bengal
  Albany Road, Coventry 024 7671 2345
  Small neighbourhood Indian restaurant and take-away popular with locals.
  Rupali Restaurant
  Tile Hill Lane, Coventry 024 7642 2500
  Award - winning restaurant with a national reputation.
  Salingers Bar and Restaurant
  Village Hotel, Coventry 024 7671 9000
  New restaurant in quality hotel and health club setting. Bound to be good for you.
  San Marco Restaurant
  Far Gosford Street, Coventry 024 7663 4776
  Italian restaurant specialising in fish dishes. Look out for Italian night once a month with live music and singer. Closed on Sundays.
  Shahi Palace
  Foleshill Road, Coventry 024 7668 8719
  Bangladeshi cuisine with eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet nights Sunday and Thursday. Banquets Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.
  Tandoori Sonar-Goan
  Daventry Road, Coventry 024 7650 4670
  Family-run restaurant established for 10 years. Buffet lunch Saturday.
  TGI Fridays
  Rugby Road, Coventry 024 7663 6575
  American theme bar and diner. 92 different dishes, juggling bar staff and lots of hollering. Not cheap but busy.
  Thai Dusit
  London Road, Coventry 024 7622 7788
  Coventry’s first totally Thai restaurant, with a menu running all the way from Tom Yum to Kang Massaman Tofu.
  The Elms
  Birmingham Road, Coventry 024 7640 7550
  Substantial pub dining experience in tastefully converted former hospital.
  The Old Mill Hotel
  Baginton, Coventry 024 7630 2241
  Restaurant and bar in historic riverside setting.
  Voyageurs Restaurant
  Hilton Hotel, Coventry 024 7660 3000
  “Around the World” dining experience in comfortable edge-of-city hotel. Oriental and Brasserie areas.
  William IV
  Foleshill Road, Coventry 024 7668 6394
  One of the best known curry pubs in Britain, with a string of awards to its name. North Indian style cooking once - monthly Indian theme nights with music, costumes and as-much-as-you-can-eat buffet.


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