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Bally Sagoo

Born in India and raised in Birmingham,England, Bally grew up listening to the music of his time - hip hop, reggae and top 40. He had become aware how bland the music was. Before you know it, Bally was churing out tunes, mixing his albums in his Currywood Studios. Like himself, there was a whole new generation, waiting for this awakening. Bally soon changed all that.

Today your bhangra collection is incomplete without a record or a CD of Bally Sagoo's 'Raggamuffin' or my personal favorite 'Rising from the east.' He has a few compilations with the bollywood megastar, Amitabh himself called 'Aby Baby.'



Aaja Nachle(Real Audio) Teen Station
Punjabian Di Shaan(Real) Teen Station
Punjabian Di Hogi(Real) Teen Station
Pendha Gidha (Real) Teen Station
Gur Nalon Ishq (Real Audio) Teen Station
Star Remix (Real) Teen Station
Mele wich Aai(Real) Teen Station


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