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Aptly awarded the No 1 male vocalist in UK, the early 1990s marked the beginning of the Safri Boyz era. Balwinder Safri soon became a hot favorite on all UK charts beginning with 'Reflections' and moving on to 'Legends' that he later released with Bota Jagpal.

Those of us, who boast the Safri Boyz collection, sure remember the 'Bomb the Tumbi' which was an instant hit. Churning one hit after another, Safri has become the busiest recording artist. In 1998, they released '24/7' album with Bal Mastana, Dev Jassal and Literanwala.

In a much recent interview with Harjinder Boparai, Balwinder Safri talks about getting his feet wet in the singing career. Beginning early childhood, he followed his father's footsteps as a Ragi singing folk songs. He also goes on to narrate his early experiences with a tumbi and performing briefly for Jalandar Radio Station. After being quite enchanted with his progress, Ustad Jaswant Bhamra took Safri under his wing in Ludhiana.

The new millennium will continue to usher in more hit songs from Safri. Or least we hope for more!


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Chan Mere Makhna(Real) Punjabilink
Aja Billo(Real) Punjabilink
Ahh Sohniye (Real) Teen Station
Chotan Ishq Dian (Real) Teen Station
Kam Ne Khalia (Real) Teen Station
Kasma (Real) Teen Station
Pagh Te Sitare (Real) Teen Station
Punjabi Sher (Real) Teen Station
Rahaye Rahaye (Real) Teen Station
Thoomak Thoomak (Real) Teen Station
Kyun Door Door (Real) Teen Station


Balwinder Safri of Safri Boyz


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