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UK-Asian Population Report

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A brief illustration of cultural and geographical diversity, we have highlighted, in this section of the report, some notable examples of South Asian communities within the UK. 


see also Appendix Seven (2)

Approximately 22,000 South Asians live in Slough, with a large proportion in the Chalvet area. Mostly originating from East Africa, India and Pakistan, the majority of South Asians in Berkshire are Muslim and speak Punjabi, though Sikhs and Hindus are also represented.


see also Appendix Seven (5)

Located primarily in the Pear Tree and Normanton areas of Derby, the majority of Derbyshire's South Asians are from India and Pakistan. The languages spoken are Urdu, Gujerati and Punjabi, while the predominant religions are Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

Greater London

see also Appendix Six (1)

a) Forest Gate - Borough of Newham

Of the Ramgaria Sikhs, who have a temple in Forest Gate, and whose mother tongue is Punjabi, only 70 per cent (approximately) read English.

b) Plumstead - Borough of Greenwich

Of the South Asians in this area, most are of Indian origin. It is estimated that only 25 per cent of the Indian population, whose mother tongue is Hindi, can read English.

c) Wembley - Borough of Brent

There is a large community of Indians in Wembley, originating primarily from East Africa and India. The majority of the South Asian community here are Gujerati speaking Hindus, though some speak Hindi and Punjabi. Around 75 per cent of the local South Asian population can read English.

d) Southall - Borough of Ealing

Of a largely Sikh community, with a minority of Hindus, some 30 per cent are under 15 years of age. Only some 50 per cent of the South Asian community here can read English, with Punjabi being the predominant mother tongue.

e) Hanwell - Borough of Ealing

The majority of South Asians in Hanwell originate from the Punjab in India. They speak Punjabi and are Muslims.

f) Clapton - Borough of Hackney

The South Asians in Clapton are primarily Gujerati-speaking Muslims, originating from East Africa and India. Only a quarter of the adults can read English..

g) Ilford - Borough of Redbridge

Ilford has a large population of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs numbering some 30,000. The South Asian community in Ilford speak a variety of languages, including Gujerati, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Greater Manchester

see also Appendix Six (2)

a) Bolton

Bolton is home to a large population of Muslims and Sikhs. With around 13,000 originating from East Africa or India, and approximately 4,000 from Pakistan, their principal languages are Gujerati, Punjabi and Urdu.

b) Oldham

Of the mainly Pakistani (approximately 9,000) Urdu - speaking Muslims, it is estimated that only 50 per cent of Oldham's South Asian community can read English.


see also Appendix Seven (9)

Of the South Asians in Hampshire, most of whom live in Southampton, the majority are Sikh or Hindu of Indian origin, although there is also a small minority from Pakistan. The principal language of Hampshire's South Asian community is Punjabi.


see also Appendix Seven (10) a) St Albans

a) St Albans

With some Bangladeshis and Indians, and a few Pakistanis, St Albans is home to a relatively small community of South Asians. The main languages hare are Bengali, Hindi and Urdu, with the predominant. religions being Hinduism and Islam.

b) Watford

Of around 1,500 Indians and 2,700 Pakistanis, the majority of Watford's South Asian community are Muslims, with the principal language being Urdu.


see also Appendix Seven (11)

a) Chatham

Of the South Asian community in Chatham, the majority are Sikhs originating from East. Africa and India. The principal language is Pun,jabi.

b) Gravesend

1n Gravesend, the majority of the South Asian community are Indians. originating from the Punjab, they are Punjabi-speaking Sikhs.

c) Dartford

As in Gravesend, the majority of Dartford's South Asian cammunity are Indians from the Punjab, though there is also a small nurnber of Pakistanis.


see also Appendix Seven (12)

a) Blackburn

Among Blackburn's South Asian community, Indians and Pakistanis predominate, with 10,000 and 8,000 respectively. The principal languages are Urdu and Gujarati, and the major religion is Islam.

b) Preston

Preston's South Asian community, who are mainly Sikhs and Muslims, comprises some 8,000 Indians and around 2,000 Urdu-speaking Pakistanis. It is estimated that only 60 per cent can read English.


see also Appendix Seven (13)

The majority of Leicester's South Asian community originate from East Africa or India, and speak Gujerati. Hindus predominate, though there are a few Muslims. Leicester is the second largest Hindu city outside India (second to Cape Town!)

South Yorkshire

see also Appendix Seven (16)

Sheffield has a large Pakistani community, around 9,000, who are primarily Urdu speaking Muslims. The majority of the South Asian community here work in the transport or steel industries or in retail.

West Midlands

see also Appendix Six (3) a)

a) Birmingham

With a large population of Indians and Pakistanis, all South Asian languages and religions are represented in the Birmingham area. The majority of Indians are found in West Bromwich, Handsworth, Moseley and Bearwood, while there are large numbers of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis in the city of Birmingham itself.

b) Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton is home to some 28,000 lndian people. The South Asian community here is mainly Punjabi-speaking Sikhs, especially in the Whitmore Reans area.

West Yorkshire

see also Appendix Six (4)

Bradford has a large community of Muslims, most of whom originate from Pakistan, some from Bangladesh. The principal languages here are Bengali and Urdu. Indians, mostly Punjabi-speaking Sikhs, are also represented within the Bradford South Asian community.



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