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Bhangra Artists

Silinder Pardesi


Back in '82, Coventry, England witnessed a band formation that would change the bhangra music arena forever. Little did anyone know then, but soon it was evident that Silinder Pardesi and clan were going to do just that.

Around the same time, cable television and media was thirsty waiting to quench its thirst. Before anyone could aquaint themselves with Pardesi, his video Khusiyan was an instant hit across the globe. Beginning his career at a very tender age, Silinder started off reciting at gurudwaras in Kenya and slowly training his voice to the liking of Mohd Rafi. Impressed by his (Rafi's) vocal prowess, Pardesi took a serious liking when he acquired formal training in classical music.

Today Silinder has the most competent crew working with him that makes his musical pieces a work of musical art. After winning several contests and local awards, Pardesi made a name for himself in a very short period of time. "We also won the award for Most Innovative Album and Band of 1989 and Best Album and Best Single in 1990 for Shake Yer Pants and Balbeero Bhabi at the Asian Pop and Media Awards, Birmingham in England. We also performed all over Europe at many different types of festivals and events...those years were very productive for my career," Silinder says.

Later in '97, Pardesi was invited to sing and be part of the Moscow celebrations with great celebrities like Pavarotti. His versatile music career is a crystal example of the various styles of music Pardesi is fluent with. Not just fluent, we would call him a master. His album Exposure created a far reaching ripple amongst bhangra fans in the late 80s.




Hathi Reshmi Rumaal Real (Teenstation)
Jado Lagda Solva Saal Real (Teenstation)
Jogian De Kana Wich Real (Teenstation)
Mega Boliyan Real (Teenstation)
Mixed Vibes Real (Teenstation)
Palay Lalkaray Naal Real (Teenstation)
Put Sardaran De Real (Teenstation)
Reshma Real (Teenstation)
Tie We Nachdi Real (Teenstation)
Wah Bai Dholia Real (Teenstation)
Wah Wah Punjabi Sheran Real (Teenstation)
Mool Munter Real (Qurbani)
Simran Real (Qurbani)


Pump up the Bhangra
Nashay diya band Botlay
Shabad Gurbani & Geet Guran de
Pump N Up Again


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