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After a series of albums from 'Teri Shaun' and 'Rule Britannia', this british band, released 'Punjabi Dance Nation'(1998) under the record label Kamlee.

Greatly influenced by the late Mohd Rafi's songs, Surinder Singh Parwana was the founding member of the DCS band. In their early teens, when most teens are busy playing Nintendo, Surinder was mastering the singing lessons and getting acquainted with his first harmonium. Since then, its only gotten better.

With four pop and movie awards in 1998 alone, DCS sealed the year off with Gold Disc for Punjabi Dance Nation. In March, DCS blew the top off the crowds in Dubai with Bally Sagoo. They still continue to play in England in Leicester and London. We wish them good luck with the new millenium album scheduled to come out at the end of the year.




DCS Dhol (MP3 3.11) PunjabOnline
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