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Work Permit Regulations for the IT Sector


In March 2000 the UK Government introduced amendments to the Work Permit scheme.
These amendments meant that professionals involved in the Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITCE) Sector would be viewed leniently (i.e. if you fall into one of the categories listed below advertising of the post would be waived).

  1. IT Manager
    Normally someone with a senior role, typically a person with at least 7 years of experience in this field, in an organisation and having specific responsibility for planning, organising, co-ordinating and controlling IT projects, operation and for the development, operation and support of IT applications, systems and networks.

  2. Business Analyst
    Normally combining both technical and commercial knowledge to define the commercial requirements and objectives for a significant part of a business system or application. Typically the person should have at least 5 years post graduate experience or 3 years where they hold a degree covering Systems Analysis.

  3. Network Specialist
    Normally involved in high level design and installation of communication networks including the provision of hardware and software and the provision of advice on overall security of corporate networks and associated operating and recovery procedures.

  4. Analyst Programmer*
    Normally having experience of both technical analysis and programming functions and playing a role in the technical aspects of delivering complete systems and having skills in one or more current technologies.

  5. Software Engineer*
    Normally entailing in depth knowledge of operating systems, application software development tools and including responsibility for design and development of systems including communications systems and networks.

  6. Database Specialist*
    Normally responsible for the design, support and maintenance of corporate databases and usually entailing knowledge and experience on the utilisation of database software within various hardware configurations.

* Skills in the following technologies are currently in particular short supply in these occupations:

  • Java/java Script

  • Perl/Perl Script

  • Active Server Pages/Active X


  • Oracle

  • SQL Server

  • Visual Basic/Visual C++

  • Peoplesoft

  • All Customer Relationship

  • Management (CRM) and Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) packages (especially Siebel, Clarify, and Oracle CRM)

Incorporated (IEng) and Chartered (CEng) Level Engineer and PhD Physicists posts in the following specialisms:-

  • Integrated Circuit Design

  • Telecommunications Systems Development

  • Radio Frequency and Microwave System and Component Design

  • Systems Integration

  • Cellular Phone Systems Development

  • Video and Audio Systems Development

  • Design and Development of Electronic Systems with Embedded Software

  • Opto-electronics

  • Photonics

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