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Pictures of Southall
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This is Southall Broadway in the afternoon on a weekday. 
As you can see it's still very busy. This is the end closer to Hayes

Another picture of the Broadway in the afternoon. You can't walk very far on the Broadway with passing a shop selling either Indian clothes or Indian food. With people becoming more adventurous in their culinary pursuits, Southall is one of the best places to pick up the hard to get ingredients

A relatively new addition to Southall Broadway is the Himalaya Shopping Centre. Once the local Woolworths was large enough to encompass the Himalaya Shopping Centre

The Glassy Junction Pub. This is the first, if not the only pub in Britain to accept Indian Rupees as payment.

The Little India shop. Southall has the nickname of "Little India" and there were recent attempts to have Southall renamed "Punjabtown."

With its popcorn stand and a street trader outside Little Indian is, as they claim, a home away from home for many Indians

Just one of the many street traders which line Southall Broadway. They give the Broadway a sense of being a real market and give Southall a real sense of community

Another street trader. In the cities of India the roads are lined with street traders from whom you can buy almost anything. The same is pretty much true of Southall as you can see from this picture. You can buy toys, watches, bags, coats and batteries to name a few products.


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Southall Pictures


With its popcorn stand and a street trader outside Little Indian is, as they claim, a home away from home for many Indians more pictures...


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