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Waxlow ward

This is an area which comprises approximately the area bounded in the north by the Borough Boundary, in the east by Allenby Road, in the south by Dormers Avenue and Cranleigh Gardens, and in the west by the Grand Union Canal. The word 'Waxlow' is taken from the Waxlow Manor Farm situated in this area. The only important highway in this ward before 1930 was Sparrow Lane. In 1930 this Lane was built up between Kings Avenue and Mornington Road and became Allenby Road.

Allenby Road
This name was almost certainly given in honour of Lord Allenby who had an outstanding army record and was British High Commissioner in Egypt until 1925 so was probably one of the leading notables at the time the road was built.

Somerset Road
In 1932 Somerset Road was built with Ash Grove leading from it at the north end. Also built at this time was Cornwall Avenue and its offspring cur-de-sacs of St. Ursulas and St. Peters Roads. The two main roads would appear to be named after their respective counties.

St. Ursulas Road
Is named after the Saint of that name who is said to have been an English princess, who with 11,000 virgins set out on a pilgrimage, but compelled by a fierce storm to take refuge in Cologne, was there put to death with her following by an army of Huns.

Bycroft Road
As stated earlier 'croft' is a piece of arable land attached to a house, and quite close was Waxlow Manor Farm.

Durdans Road
Was also built in 1833 but unlike other roads seems to have been shortened rather than lengthened, since it originally joined Lady Margaret Road according to Kelly's Directory, but has no direct connection with it now. This road was probably named after a local resident, for there was a plot of land near the south end of Allenby Road called Durdans Orchard and there were also ten cottages in North Road called Durdans Cottages.

Denbigh Road
Again geographical.

Rosecroft and Sunnycroft Roads
Built in 1935 and are situated near Bycroft Road.

Allendale Avenue
May be after Sir Hugh Percy Allen (1869-1946) who received the 1935 (the year in which the road was built) and was director of the Royal College of Music.

Kelvin Gardens
May be after William Thomson, lst Baron Kelvin (1824-1907), the English Physicist.

Bring Avenue
Possibly after the bring reservoirs which supply the Grand Union Canal.

Sutherland Avenue
Another county? Or, which seems more likely, after George Sutherland (1862-1942) who was U.S. Supreme High Court Judge and was born in Buckinghamshire, England


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