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Hambrough ward

For the purposes of definition this is the area bounded by the railway in the south, the Broadway in the north, the Borough boundary in the west and to South Road in the east. The word 'Ham' originally meant an enclosure, but often used to refer to flat land beside a river or even in the bend of a river; alternatively it meant a pasture surrounded by a ditch. The word 'brough' refers to ancient camps, usually Roman ones; but no evidence of Roman activity has yet been found in the area. However, the ward is bounded by the Yeading Brook and  the area is designated North Field and Middle Field. Nevertheless it is doubtful whether the name Hambrough was used before the 19th century.

Grange Road
There are no farm buildings shown on the Enclosure Map so this name is a bit of a mystery and whether the name is after the famous Scottish Judge (Lord Grange) is a bit problematical.

Townsend Road
After Townsend House which was situated in close proximity to Leggat's Forge roughly at the junction of Herbert Road and Orchard Avenue, and was surrounded by a high brick wall and secluded by many trees.

Orchard Road and Beech croft Avenue
The 1914 Ordnance Survey Map shows an orchard on the exact location of the present Orchard Road.

Herbert Road
Possibly gets its name from Sidney Herbert, Secretary of State for War during the Crimean difficulties. It was Sidney Herbert who sent Florence Nightingale to the Crimea, and he led the movement for War Office reform after the war.

Gas Works Road
In 1868 the Gas Works were built on the present site at a total cost of £22,000. The access road was naturally called: Gas Works Road . But how the kink at the end of this road became known as The Crescent is more of a problem. However, it was originally planned that The Crescent should link up with Lewis Road, and so complete the ninety degree bend.

Lewis Road
Lewis is a common enough name, and there have been many notable persons after whom this road could have been named, but, was probably after Sir George Cornewell Lewis(1806-63),English statesman and author who was Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary and later Secretary of War.

Beaconsfield Road
After the Prime Minister, formerly Benjamin Disraeli. He was called to the House of Lords in 1S76 as Lord Beaconsfield.

Randolph Road
Another parliamentarian, namely Lord Randolph Churchill, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Leader of the House of Lords.V

Abbotts Road
After a local family, one of whom founded the local fire brigade.

Brinity Road
This name is not as obvious as would be expected. It was Townsend Road and not Trinity Road that connected St. George's Church with the church rooms on the corner with Beaconsfield Road, and, moreover Holy Trinity Church is some distance from this road.

Beresford Road
Charles William Beresford was a British Admiral and a former Naval Lord of the Admiralty. He was retired in 1911, entered Parliament and in 1916 went to the House of Lords as Baron Beresford. He became one of the most popular figures in public life until his death in 1919.

Ranelagh Road
Probably came from Richard, Viscount Ranelagh a noted 18th century philanthropist.

Hanson Gardens
Another notable local family. Messrs A. & B. Hanson were builders and started business in 1837 on the site of the former workhouse in Featherstone Road.

St. Joseph's Drive
After St. Joseph's Schools which occupied this area. It was the intention to erect Council Offices on this site but the scheme fell through in 1930 owing to the Minister's refusal to grant application on the grounds that the accommodation in the buildings was greatly in excess of the Councils immediate and future requirements.

Beatrice Road
The second road in this estate was after the Princess Beatrice and the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria, But, there is a vague idea that Beatrice was the fourth child of the family that bears the christian names of Florence, Albert and Leonard mentioned under Glebe Ward.

Raynors Close
This was the third road in this estate and was to be named originally 'The Lea Way' but the Council rejected this name.


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