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UK Visas: Frequently Asked Questions


Jones Kelleher & Associates Ltd, the UK Work Permit & Immigration Specialists, have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions for UK Visas.
Do I need a visa for a visit to the UK?
This depends on your nationality. Some nationals need a visa to come to the UK whatever the purpose of their trip. For a full list please refer to

How much do UK visas cost?
Visa fees are payable in local currency. Examples of visa costs are given below:

Category & Fee
Single Entry Visit - £33.00
Medical Treatment - £33.00
Student Single Entry - £33.00
Student Two Year Multiple Entry - £65.00
Work Permit (6 months and over) - £50.00
Retired Person of Independent Means - £50.00
Settlement (Fiancé(e), Spouse, Child) - £240.00

How long will it take for my visa to be issued?
Visa processing times vary greatly, depending on where the application is made and the type of application submitted. Many straightforward visas can be issued in one day, including visit visas and work permit visas. However if the British Embassy or High Commission feels an in-depth interview is required, visa applications can take many months. Below is a list of (approximate) waiting times for settlement visas at various posts:

Issuing Post & Waiting time in weeks
Islamabad - 32
Dhaka - 16
New Delhi - 10
Mumbai - 6
Calcutta - 3
Karachi - 5
Madras - 9
Colombo - 11
Manila - 13
Bangkok - 7

Do I have to attend my spouse's interview for her Settlement visa?
If you are resident in the UK and your spouse has made a visa application to join you, there is no requirement for you to attend the interview. However you will need to provide comprehensive documentary evidence of your status in the UK, including evidence of nationality and proof of your ability to support and accommodate your spouse.

What should I do if my visa application is refused?
The visa officer must provide written reasons for the refusal of a visa, and will also inform you in writing if you have the right of appeal. If you think that the refusal decision was incorrect you should exercise your right of appeal. Appeals are heard before an independent adjudicator in the UK, and you can be represented at an appeal hearing by a legal representative or anybody you wish to speak on your behalf. It is extremely important to make the appeal in time and to provide as much evidence as possible to support your grounds of appeal.

If you do not have the right of appeal (for example, against the refusal of a visit visa), you have the right to make a fresh visa application at any time. Obviously this is unlikely to be successful if you cannot demonstrate that a change of circumstances has taken place, or have further information to present in support of your application.

Can I apply for a visa at any UK diplomatic mission?
Normally you are required to apply in the country in which you are resident. Entry Clearance Officers do however have discretion to deal with certain types of application from applicants who are not resident in the country of application.

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