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UK Work Permits

The UK Overseas Labour Services (OLS) issues work permits for non-European Economic Area Nationals to enter the UK in order to take up specific employment offers.
THE work permit application itself is made by the company, NOT the individual concerned, but Jones Kelleher are happy to talk to both companies and prospective employees.

The basic criteria for full work permits are that the application must have either a degree, a Higher National Diploma (HND) level qualification which entitles them to a specific job, a general HND level qualification plus one year’s relevant work experience or high level or specialist skills related to the job on offer (this type of job should be at National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level 3 or above).

There is also an additional Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES). Training should lead to a recognised or specialist qualification. Those applying for work experience with an employer in the UK should have worked for an overseas branch of the same company for at least six months, and the experience should be at a managerial level. In all cases the applicant must be additional to your staffing needs in all cases.

It is usually necessary for an employer to advertise the vacancy in a national newspaper and/or relevant professional journal. However this requirement is currently waived for the following Shortage Occupations:

(Please see the separate page for all vacancies in the IT sector.)

Nursing posts in the following specialisms: Accident and Emergency Medicine, Audiological Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Diagnostic Radiology (Radiology), Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology Nuclear Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Old Age Psychiatry, Ophthalmology Orthopaedic Sugrery (Trauma and Orthopaedic Medicine), Paediatrics Palliative Medicine, Radiotherapy (Clinical Oncology), Urology.

Incorporated (Ieng) and Chartered (Ceng) Level Engineer posts in the following specialisms:
Integrated Circuit Design, Telecommunications Systems Development, Radio Frequency and Microwave System and Component Design, Systems Integration, Cellular Phone Systems Development, Video and Audio Systems Development, Design and Development of Electronic Systems with Embedded Software, Optoelectronics, Photonics.

Clinical Psychologists, Pharmacists, Occupational Therapists, Actuaries, Veterinary Surgeon, CAA Licensed Aircraft Engineers, Physiotherapists, teachers (Posts in the Greater London area covering compulsory schooling).

There are many circumstances in which some of these criteria are waived. Please contact Jones Kelleher for further details.

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