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Our strategy is to develop our capacity to offer development support services which are culturally and socially sensitive, high in quality, readily accessible and value for money. We aim to fulfil these aims through a specifically developed corporate strategy involving our values, the service expected of us and the resources available to us as an organisation.

CIO was established in 1975 and exists to develop and promote the interests of the Asian communities in Britain through the following main objectives:

• Provide strategic management support to Asian organisations in Britain.

• Undertake issue based participatory research on behalf of Asians in Britain.

• Make representations and act as a pressure group to ensure Asian

representation on policy level decision making.

• Identify emerging areas of unmet service need through research and information


• Develop innovative projects to meet the specific needs of Asian communities.

• Promote programs to redress discrimination and create wider awareness of the

socio-cultural needs of Asian communities.

• Assisting Asian organisations in their organisational strengthening and capacity b building including the mobilisation of funding resources.


The member organisations affiliated to CIO elect an Executive Committee at CIO's General Meeting. The Executive Committee is responsible for determining the overall policy and direction of CIO's work. The Executive Committee appoint a Management Committee to control and oversee the day to day running of the organisation. The staff report to the Management Committee.

Our Staff team can draw on the skills of a wide range of professions - immigration, health including mental health and disability, education, racism and discrimination, management support including organisational strengthening, development support including project formulations, fund-raising, working in contracts culture including negotiating contracts.

Increasingly, we are also linking with other agencies who provide complimentary services.

Following are some of CIO's specialist services:

Referrals/ Networking

The database set up by CIO allows it to make effective referrals, network groups together and be used as a valuable resource to disseminate information to the Asian communities. CIO can also assist small communities based groups to publicise their services through its networks.


CIO's staff and management committee have several years of experience in voluntary sector management, its development and funding. CIO can provide a well developed consultancy service to voluntary organisations as well as the statutory sector. CIO can offer advice and assistance to professionals and community workers wishing to develop appropriate services for Asian communities.


CIO has been conducting community based research for the past ten years. It can offer advice to groups wishing to conduct research. Its resources and experience means it is able to conduct research projects for other agencies.

Information Production

CIO can help groups wishing to develop information for the Asian communities ensuring that it is written in a way that will be accessible to them and is sensitive and appropriate.


CIO disseminates information on funding opportunities and can help groups requiring assistance in their fund-raising strategy


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