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What does the Education Service do?

The Education Service deal with all aspects of school based and community education.

In addition to offering advice, training and support to schools and community agencies, it provides services to pupils, students and parents, including:

  • the admission and transfer of pupils to schools,

  • provision of grants to students,

  • transport arrangements,

  • careers advice and guidance,

  • identifying and providing for special educational needs,

  • administration of resources and

  • monitoring local and national curriculum policy for schools.



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Primary schools - admissions and transfers 7683 1622
Secondary - admissions and transfers from primary to secondary schools 7683 1613
Transfers between secondary schools 7683 1573
Grants including free school meals, bus passes, clothing grants,
maintenance allowances, further education grants
7683 1551
Further education awards 7683 1547
Careers 7683 1758
Special educational needs 7683 1614
Student and community services 7683 1615
Fax 7683 1620


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