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Derbyshire County Council

Councillors represent the wishes of the people who elect them. They take up the cause of people in their areas who need help from the county council. They take account of local people's needs and wishes, and act within clear rules set down by the Government.

Derbyshire has 64 county councillors who are elected every four years. Councillors decide how to spend Derbyshire County Council's budget on services. They can also support local organisations. This can be in the form of cash grants, or through setting up special groups. We consult such organisations, for instance those representing disabled people, on issues which are important to them.

Seven committees decide about the county council's services. These committees, in turn, are broken down into sub-committees, which look at individual services or areas of work. All county councillors serve on one or more committee or sub-committee. Each committee and sub-committee has a chair and vice-chair.

The current political make-up of the county council is:

  • Labour seats - 43

  • Conservative seats - 13

  • Liberal Democrat seats - 7

  • Independent seats - 1

Click here for the Election 2001 results in full
Click here for other Election 2001 news and information

The seven main committees are:
Policy and Resources
Social Services
Libraries, Heritage and the Arts
Environmental Services
Community and Public Protection
Improvement and Scrutiny Committee
Derbyshire Fire Authority

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Derbyshire County Council Meetings Timetable 2000 - 2001
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