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Talking books are available at all libraries. For people who are registered blind or have reading difficulties because of partial sight there is also access to talking books through the RNIB who also make available equipment to enable recordings to be heard. Apply direct to the number below. Please note there is an annual membership fee. The Social Services Department may be able to assist with the payment of the membership fee. Please forward a completed application form RNIB or opticians.

Mount Pleasant Middlesex
Wembley HAO 1RR
Contact Talking Book Service
Phone: 020 8903 6666

Please note there is an annual membership fee


For information about applications for teaching posts contact Schools Personnel Services

Schools Personnel Services
Perceval House Ealing
14-16 Uxbridge Road W5 2HL
Phone: 020 8758 5456


Queries on the collection and payment of rent, and welfare benefit advice for persons in temporary accommodation should be sent to the address below.
Temporary Accommodation Income Section

TAIS, 1st Floor South
Town Hall Annexe, New Broadway
Ealing W5 4BY
Phone 020 8578 5802


For help and advice, Housing Advisory Service. Private tenants on low income may be able to claim one off their rent, see Housing Benefits for further details.

Housing Advisory Service
Town Hall Annexe New Broadway
behind Ealing Town Hall W5 4BY
Phone: 020 8758 8002
E-mail: mialto:[email protected]


The council wants to encourage and develop tenants associations. If you would like to join your local association, or start one, contact your local housing office, or the number below. Encourages and helps tenants associations, in particular to promote schemes for tenant participation in managing estates. Contact them at Perceval House.

Tenants Participation Unit  Phone 020 8758 5996


There are three tennis centres, managed by tennis professionals, in the borough where tuition and direct court hire is available. These are at

Sports Development Team  Phone 020 8758 5210

Culmington Road, W5  Phone 020 8566 1038

The Lodge, Woodbury Park, W5  Phone 020 8991 6755

Noel Road, Acton W3  Phone 020 8993 6832

Lammas Enclosure  Phone 020 8840 5398

Pitshanger Park

North Acton Playing Fields


The Tourism Section handles visitor enquiries and publishes a visitors guide to Ealing. For more information contact the number below or visit Ealing's Tourism pages on the website.

Tourist Information  Phone 020 8280 1000


The Area Improvements, Tourism and Town Centres Team facilitates the development of town centre strategies and improvements in partnership with town centre forums.

Planning Projects  Phone 020 8758 8960  Email 


Contact numbers below.

Halls Services  Phone 020 8758 5732  Fax 566 5088, website:


Ealing is twinned with Marcq-en-Baroeul in France and Kreis Steinfurt in Germany. For information on these places and current twinning events contact the number below.

Town Twinning  Phone 020 8280 1227


For advice and information contact Environmental Health and Consumer Services (Pollution Control)

Pollution Control  Phone 020 8758 5738/5633


Trading standards officers enforce a range of consumer protection laws which include:-

Weights and Measures
Officers check the accuracy of weighing and measuring equipment used by traders.   All goods sold by weight or measure must be of the correct quantity.

Trade Descriptions
It is illegal to give misleading descriptions of any goods, services or accommodation.   Officers also check advertisements for their accuracy and look out for counterfeit goods.

Everything you buy has to be clearly priced and not be misleading, especially where savings and discounts are claimed by the trader.

Inspections cover many aspects: are adverts misleading? Is the advertised interest rate correct? Do agreements contain all the necessary information?  Is the person offering finance properly licensed and trading responsibly?

Product Safety
The law requires that all products are safe to use.  Officers check for safety by making inspections and submitting samples for testing.  If goods are unsafe we can have them withdrawn from sale.

Inspections are made of dealers to try and ensure that cars on sale are roadworthy and of the stated mileage.  Regular spot checks are carried out on the weight of goods vehicles:  any which are overloaded can damage roads, increase pollution and be a danger to other road users.

Our enforcement work is carried out by inspection but Trading Standards Officers will also investigate complaints which may reveal  consumer law criminal offences.

We also give advice, on a self help basis, on consumer laws to Borough residents who have bought faulty goods or unsatisfactory services.

See also 'Consumer Advice' or visit our consumer and business friendly web site

Trading Standards 
Perceval House
14/16 Uxbridge Road
London W5 2HL

Phone 020 8758 8906   Fax 020 8567 6077   E-mail


The council's traffic and transportation schemes aim to make the best possible use of the road network in the borough.  For further details of the traffic section programme and areas of work contact the number below

Transport Services: Phone 020 8758 5551


Traffic signals at road junctions and crossings are not the responsibility of the council. They are installed and maintained by the Traffic Control System Unit of the City of London. . Contact the number below.

Transport for London Street Management: 020 7343 5000, out of hours: 020 7839 6391 (not an LBE department)


The council works with a number of partners, including the West London Training and Enterprise Council, to promote the right conditions for business and job growth. For information on training opportunities in West London contact WLTEC.  The council also has a wide range of halls and rooms for hire across the borough for meetings and training seminars

Halls Services    Phone 0208 758 5732  Fax 020 8566 5088

Training & Enterprise Council  Phone 0208 577 1010


If you want a transfer from your council home you can apply to move though properties are in short supply. Contact your local housing office.


(One of the Local Agenda 21 project groups bringing together in partnership the business community, environmental and residents groups and all others interested in establishing short and long term action plans and carrying out practical projects to address the environment and quality of life in Ealing). Open to all, the LA21 Transport project group is committed to reducing private car use and improving public transport, cycling and walking in Ealing. To get involved or find out more contact the number below.

Transport- Local Agenda 21 Phone 020 8758 5551


This service area brings the comprehensive range of transport functions together with the function of overall development planning for the borough.
A new assistant director has been appointed to lead the service area and will have responsibility for six teams:

Transport Strategy: 020 8758 5551
Planning Policy: 020 8758 5659
Transport Projects: 020 8758 8950
Projects and Contracts: 020 8280 1021
Transport Service Support: 020 8758 5812
Parking Services: 020 8758 5546

Transport Servces web
Planning Policy web site:


For people registered disabled, permits give free travel on most London Transport bus and rail services, and reduced fares on British Rail and some Green Line coach services within greater London. For details contact the I.AT (Information and Assessment Team) on 020 8579 2424.


To ask about deadlines and how to apply for help with travel pass applications, contact the Assistance to Pupils Team.

Assistance to Pupils Team  Phone 020 8579 2424 ext 55163

School Meals
Assistance to Pupils Team
Perceval House Ealing
14-16 Uxbridge Road W5 2HL
Phone: 020 8579 2424 ext 55163

If you wish to apply for free school meals.


For men 65 years and over and women 60 years and over there is free travel on most London Transport bus and underground services and reduced fares on British Rail and some Green Line coach services within Greater London. Details can be obtained from post offices.


For enquiries about the travellers site in Bashley Road, NW10, contact the travellers warden. For information and action in relation to any illegal encampment contact Environmental Health.

Environmental Health   Phone 020 8758 5605
Travellers Site (Bashley Road)  Phone 0836 789 987


All trees in Conservation Areas, and trees that are subject to specific TPOs, are protected from felling, lopping, pruning, or deliberate damage. Elsewhere, many trees are protected by planning conditions. For information relating to protected trees and when seeking authority to prune such trees, contact number below.

Planning Services - Trees  Phone 020 8758 5650


Trees on roads, in parks and open spaces and most schools and housing estates) are maintained by the Council  For information on them or any other tree-related matter see number below

Aboricultural Section Trees  Phone 020 8758 5908

The council deals with overhanging trees, or other foliage which is a hazard either to pedestrians or road users. To report such hazards please contact the number below

Highways and Parking Control  Phone 020 8758 5022


A large number of privately owned trees within the borough are legally protected by Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas. No pruning or felling can be carried out to such trees without notifying the council. For further information contact number below.

Planning Services - Trees  Phone 020 8758 5650


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