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List of Services Starting with S



Main traffic routes are the first priority for salting of roads in winter, followed by secondary routes and residential roads. If there is heavy snow, priority is given to the clearance of footpaths in town centres and near schools, hospitals and clinics.

Call Centre Phone 020 8280 1048


To obtain a permit to erect scaffolding or hoarding on the public highway contact .

Highway and Parking  Phone 020 8758 8282

SCAN (Sheltered Community Alarm Network)

Sheltered Community Alarm Network (SCAN) is a telephone-based alarm system for elderly people or people with a disability who may need to be able to summon assistance at any time of day or night. Users simply press a button on a pendant or bracelet to get help. SCAN is ideal for people who do not want to move out of their homes, or who only need support for a short time. The system operates through specialised telephones which are rented. There is a small charge, which is paid quarterly. For further information contact:

Sheltered Housing
Perceval House
14-16 Uxbridge Road
W5 2HL
Tel: 020 8758 5629


For information and advice about admissions to schools contact address below.

Schools Admissions Service
Education Department
Perceval House
14-16 Uxbridge Road
Ealing W5 2HL

Phone: 020 8758 5430 (between 9am and 12 noon)
Phone: 020 8758 5429 (between 9am and 12 noon)


For information and advice on curriculum matters contact the address below.

Perceval House
14/16 Uxbridge Road
London W5 2HL
Phone: 020 8832 6193


School governors are playing an increasingly important role in the running of schools. For general information about what school governors do and how to become a governor, contact your local school or the Education Department.

Education Department
Phone 020 8758 5420/758 8812  


For information, queries or complaints about the meals provided in the borough's schools please contact the head of the school in question or Education Contract Services. If you wish to apply for free school meals, contact the Assistance to Pupils Team, Perceval House, W5 2HL.

Education Contract Services - School Meals  Phone 020 8758 8796

Assistance to Pupils Team  Phone 020 8280 1097
(between 1pm and 4pm)


If you want to find out whether your child may be eligible for help with travel, contact the Assistance to Pupils Team, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, Ealing W5 2HL

Assistance to Pupils Team  Phone 020 8280 1097
(Personal callers between 9am and 12 o'clock, telephone calls 1pm and 4pm)


Schools maintained by Ealing are divided into nursery schools and classes for children between 3 and 5; infant schools for 4-7 years olds; junior schools for 7-11 year olds; primary schools for 4-11 year olds; and high schools for 11+ pupils. In addition there are seven special schools. Children who are 'rising five' can start school at the beginning of the school year (September) in which they are five, if their parents wish. For further information including a list of schools contact number below. A list of schools can also be found using the Ealing Library and Information Service in council buildings or libraries, under Schools and Colleges in the Yellow Pages and under Ealing Council in the telephone directory.

Education Schools Services
Perceval House Ealing
14-16 Uxbridge Road W5 2HL
Phone: 020 8758 8761


Scrap metal can be taken for recycling to any of the three Waste & Recycling Centres. Environmental Services.

Recycling Phone 020 8832 2402


Service charges are the payments made by leaseholders to cover the costs of maintaining the block or estate. This includes charges for cleaning, managing the estate, lighting, repairs and improvements.

Service charges can be paid at the Post Office, Bank, Council's Cash Office or by Standing Order.

If you have any difficulty in paying your Service Charges, please contact Home Ownership Services for help and advice on:

020 8758 5320
020 8758 5317
020 8758 5849


The council is responsible for the maintenance and cleansing of surface water sewers and water courses.

Greenford Depot  Phone 020 832 6464


Contact: Home Ownership Services on
020 8758 5801
020 8758 5854
020 8758 5855


The Sheltered Housing Service helps to meet the housing and support needs of older people in the borough by providing good quality, purpose-built housing and a responsive Sheltered Community Alarm Network (SCAN) system. In addition it provides a referral service for other council sections and departments and also an out-of-hours switchboard service in the Control Centre.

The Control Centre receives calls 24 hours a day everyday of the year from Sheltered Housing tenants, SCAN clients and tenants of other Sheltered Housing providers. These calls are then forwarded to Community Housing Officers who will go to the assistance of the callers.

There are 34 purpose-built sheltered housing schemes across the borough ranging widely in size, design and location. Older people can live their lives independently amongst their peers, knowing they can summon help whenever they need it. Residents can receive daily visits from Community Housing Officers.

SCAN is a telephone-based alarm system for elderly people or people with a disability, which operates 24 hours a day. There is a monitoring charge. For more information on SCAN please telephone 020 8758 5629.

The expertise and experience of the Sheltered Housing Service is available for other organisations that provide sheltered housing such as Housing Associations. This means that smaller organisations can provide sheltered housing for specific groups without the prohibitive financial investment needed to provide a twenty-four hour service. For enquiries please telephone 020 8758 5997.

If you are a council tenant and you want to apply for sheltered housing, contact your local housing office. If you are not a council tenant and you want to apply, see under Housing Service. For repairs, disputes transfers etc contact your local housing area office.


The European Recycling Company operates a scheme collecting shoes for re-use. Collection points are in several stores in the borough. Alternatively, unwanted shoes can be deposited in the borough's 10 textile banks.

ECT collect shoes as part of the green box collection scheme.
Tel: 020 8578 3182.


Halls Services present shows in the borough's halls and the Events Team put on a range of outdoor shows during the summer.

Halls and Events Team  Phone 020 8579 5436


The council erects and maintains traffic signs. To report a broken sign or to comment on the need for new signs, contact Highway Routine Maintenance.

Highway Maintenance  Phone 020 8758 5509


The Community skip service may be used by community groups, residents associations, tenant associations and charitable orgnisations to assist with their clear operations.

Earth, builders rubble must not be placed in a 12 yd skip.

Public Skip Hire:

The Council also operates a public skip hire service for more information

Tel: Call Centre: 020 8832 6464


All skips placed on the highway must have a permit. Please note permits are automatically issued for council-hired skips.

Skip Permits  Phone 020 8832 6464


If you have an enquiry or complaint about snow clearance from the highways, or icy roads.

Contact Telephone No 020 8832 6464


The Social Services Department provides a range of care and support services in the community. These services cover all age groups, ethnic minorities, the disabled, people with a learning disability or mental illness, and the family. In many instances the first point of contact with the department will be the IAT (Information and Assessment Team), Mental Health Resource Centre and Children with Disabilities Team. In this directory of council services we have tried to identify the most needed services listed alphabetically. The Director and central administrative offices of the Social Services Department are in

Perceval House
14/16 Uxbridge Road,
London W5 2HL
Tel 020 8579 2424.


The Inspection Unit's aims and objectives are: to ensure that the Council meets its statutory responsibilities under the legislation which governs the regulation of residential care homes;

  • Registered Homes Act (1984)
  • Registered Homes (Amendment) Act (1991)
  • Children Act (1989)
  • NHS and Community Care Act (1989)

We seek to achieve these aims by means of the following objectives:

*To ensure that residential care homes within the Borough of Ealing comply with legislation and regulatory requirements

*To provide advice to providers and potential providers of residential care homes, so that they can provide a good quality service to their residents.

What We Do:

The Unit is responsible for the registration and inspection of private and voluntary sector residential care homes.  Our aim is to promote and develop good practice in all residential care homes in partnership with managers and proprietors.

Inspection Reports:

Reports of announced inspections are public documents, and are available on request to any member of the public.  The contents of these reports should assist in making a decision about a home's suitability for you or a friend or relative.  A Directory of Residential Homes is also available fromthe Unit or may be viewed on the Council website at   To request reports, or for more information, please telephone 020 8758 5726.


In most instances staff at local offices should be your first point of contact for social services.

Learning Disability Team, Green Lane, Resource Centre, Green Lane.     Phone 020 8566 2360

Acton:  W3, W4, W12, NW10
Town Hall, Winchester Street, Acton, W3 6NE  Phone 020 8579 2424.  9am - 4.30pm

Ealing and Hanwell:  W5, W13, W7.
Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL.  Phone 020 8579 2424.  9am - 4.30pm.

Greenford/Northolt/Perivale/Southall UB2, UB5, UB6, UB7.
301 Ruislip Road, Greenford.  Phone  020 8579 2424. 9am - 4.30pm.

Commissioning Teams for adults are based at Perceval House in the Information and Assessment Team.

Commissioning Teams for children are based at Acton and Greenford locations. All referrals should be made to the Referral and Assessment Team at either Acton or Greenford. There is also a hospital based social work team based at Ealing hospital Tel. 020 8843 1636.

Commissioning teams for Mental Health are based in the locality Mental Health Resource Centres provided by the NHS trust.

For details on how to obtain a particular service please contact 020 8579 2424


SPACE (Scheme for Placing Adults with a learning disability with Carers in Ealing) has been set up to find carers for adults aged 19 years and over who have a learning disability and who would like to live in a supportive family environment. The scheme also offers a respite care service to families caring for an adult with a learning disability. Contact the adult placement officer, SPACE, Green Lane Resource Centre.

Adult Placement Officer, SPACE  Phone 020 8579 4399


Refrigerators and freezers can be collected free of charge for recycling and the safe removal of CFCs. Collections of large unwanted items (such as furniture) can be made at a reasonable charge.

Recycling  Phone 020 8832 6464

Environmental Services (Skip Hire) 
Phone 020 8832 6464


Ealing provides a range of specialist facilities for children with special educational needs. If you think your child has a special need and want more information, speak in the first instance to your child's headteacher.


Most children with special needs receive the extra help they need in their mainstream school. Other children need more intensive help and specially trained teachers. For further information contact the Ealing Portage Team of the Education Department.

Ealing Portage Section
Perceval House
14-16 Uxbridge Road W5 2HL
Phone: 020 8832 6213


Ealing has three leisure centres and seven sports centres, including four indoor swimming pools and one outdoor pool (see also sports website at

Bromyard Leisure Centre
36 Bromyard Avenue
Acton W3 7AU
Phone 020 8749 2282

Sports Development Team  Phone 020 8758 5210

Facilities: two sports halls, sauna, steam room and solarium, fitness room, dance and aerobics studio, creche, meeting rooms, cafeteria, access and changing for people with disabilities. Opening times: contact centre.

Acton Swimming Pool
Salisbury Street
Acton W3 8NW
Phone: 020 8992 8877

Facilities: two pools, multigym weight training, recreation, meeting rooms. Opening times: contact centre

Dormers Wells Leisure Centre
Dormers Wells Lane
Phone:020 8571 7207

Facilities: swimming pool, sports hall, badminton courts, fitness and conditioning equipment, sports fields. Open evenings and weekends. Contact the centre for details.

Elthorne Sports Centre
off Boston Road
Westlea Road W7
Phone: 020 8579 3226

Facilities: sports hall, badminton courts, most indoor sports, multi-purpose gym sports courses, birthday parties.
Opening times: contact centre.

Greenford Sports Centre
Ruislip Road
Phone: 020 8575 9157

Facilities: multigym (suitable for people with disabilities), gym, sports hall, badminton courts, most indoor sports, clubroom suitable for keep fit, yoga etc, facilities for the disabled. Open evenings and weekends. Contact the centre for details.

Gurnell Leisure Centre
Ruislip Road East
Ealing W13
Phone: 020 8998 3241

Facilities: 50m competition pool with hydraulic boom divider, recreation pool, viewing gallary, café and licensed bar, changing rooms for families and disabled, weight training areas, ladies keep fit and solaria. Adult pool parties and children's birthday parties.

Northolt Swimarama
Eastcote Lane North
Phone: 020 8422 1176

Facilities: large pool with springboard and diving, learner pool, weight training room, solarium, 50m waterslide, multi-use indoor area for keep fit, karate, judo, yoga, etc.

Reynolds Sports Centre
Gunnersbury Lane
Acton W3
Phone: 020 8993 9092

Facilities: sports hall, badminton courts, most indoor sports, clubroom suitable for keep fit, yoga, etc, birthday parties, facilites for disabled. Open evenings and weekends.

Twyford Sports Centre
Twyford Crescent
Acton W3
Phone: 020 8993 9095

Facilities: sports hall, badminton courts, activity and clubroom, full fitness programme, floodlit tennis, netball and football area, most indoor sports, birthday parties. Open evenings and weekends. Contact the centre for details.

Walford Sports Centre
Bengarth Road
Phone: 020 8841 0953

Facilities: sports hall, most indoor sports, heated outdoor pool (May to Sep), fitness room, tennis and netball courts. Open evenings and weekends. Contact the centre for details


The sports Development Team provides a wide range of courses suitable for all age groups including tennis, golf, tai chi, yoga and complementary therapies. For a free brochure and details contact number below. The Sports Development Team exists to encourage people to participate in sport and to help those already involved to take part more often and at a higher level. It runs a large variety of courses as well as sessions, events and competitions for everyone including the over 40's, young people, the under-eights and people with disabilities. The team also works closely with sports clubs to organise borough teams and runs a coaches register. Visit our web site at

Sports Development Team  Phone 020 8758 5210


There are sessions throughout the borough for people of all ages and experiences. There are sessions for everyone including the over 40s, children, women and people with disabilities at a wide range of venues. Visit our web site at

Sports Development Team  Phone 020 8758 5210


Statistics about the council's workforce are available from the Personnel Department. The Strategy and Review Group and Libraries hold demographic and census data about the population of the borough. All departments hold statistics relevant to their service area.

Strategy and Review  Phone 020 8758 8115


Storytelling sessions take place in some libraries, Pitshanger Manor Museum and some community centres. There are also courses in storytelling skills. For more details contact your local library or community centre.


Street cleansing involves cleaning all public highways and footways of litter, leaves, dog fouling, pigeon fouling and also debris following road traffic accidents. Enquiries can be made on the number below.

Tel: Call Centre: 020 8832 6464


The council is implementing a programme of improvement works to upgrade all the borough's residential roads to the required British Standard. Regular night-time inspections are undertaken to identify faulty street lights, signs, traffic bollards, etc. To report a faulty light, please give as much detail of location assoon as possible by calling telephone Hotline number below.

Call Centre: Tel: 020 8832 6099.


The council is responsible for administering the council's naming and numbering procedure for new streets and buildings and, in some cases, re-naming existing ones. Developers are required to apply to the council for permission to name or number streets or to change existing ones. For details contact number below

Transport Services Phone: 020 8832 6405.


Environmental Health is responsible for licensing traders who use the highway (ie public footpath or roadway) to sell goods or services. Contact the licensing officer on number below. The conduct of street trading within the borough has now changed dramatically. Those trading either in front of a shop or from the Council's footway or highway require to be in possession of a licence. In respect of free standing stalls or food vans on the footway or highway, there are only a small number of designated sites throughout the Borough. Those who trade on sites other than designated sites do so illegally and action is taken to remove them. Enquiries regarding street trading should be made on the number below.

Licensing Officer - Street Trading  Phone 020 8758 5932


Information and advice about financial help for a range of courses of further and higher education can be obtained from the number below.

Student Awards Section  Phone 020 8758 8803


The council is responsible for the maintenance of council-owned subways in the borough. These are inspected regularly.  If you have any enquiries contact number below.

Call CentrePhone 020 8832 6099


We welcome your suggestions to help us improve services. A form is available at libraries and receptions,alternatively you can write to the relevant service or send an email to


The Sunday Trading Act 1994 regulates the hours during which shops can or cannot open on a Sunday.  Relevant shops, as defined by the Act, are required to register their opening times with the Environmental Health & Consumer Services Division.

For information and enquiries contact

Environmental Health & Consumer Services Division (Sunday Trading)    Phone  020 8758 5043


Ealing needs teachers who can be available at short notice. For further details and information contact number below.

Schools Personnel Services
Perceval House Ealing
14-16 Uxbridge Road W5 2HL
Phone: 020 8758 5456


There are four indoor swimming pools in Ealing offering a wide range of facilities. For further information contact the pools direct.

Phone:  Acton:  020 8992 8877

Phone: Dormers Wells  020 8571 7207

Phone: Gurnell:  020 8998 3241

Phone: Northolt:  020 8422 1176


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