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The council works with other partners, including the police, through the Ealing Forum Against Racism, to provide a co-ordinated response to the incidence of racial attacks in the borough. Any attack should be reported to the police and also to your local area housing office if you are a council tenant. Further details on the council's strategy are available from the number below.

Community Safety Officer  Phone 020 8280 1384


Enquiries relating to ratable values on domestic and commercial properties can be dealt with at the community charge/council tax offices on the charge/council tax offices on the following numbers: In 1 April 1993 all domestic properties were put in a band reflecting the capital value of the property.

Acton, W5 & Park Royal Phone: 020 8758 5133/5149
North, W13 & Hanwell 020 8758 5128/5148
Business Rates 020 8758 5157
Southall, Greenford, Chiswick 020 8758 5131/5141


Tenants, housing applicants and people rehoused as homeless may inspect records kept about them by the Housing Department. An appointment is needed.

Support Services Manager - Phone 020 8280 1281


Access to pupils' schools records is available to parents and young people age 16+. For further information contact address below.

Records (Access to School)  Phone 020 8758 8768   E-mail

Education Schools Services
Perceval House Ealing
14-16 Uxbridge Road W5 2HL
Phone: 020 8758 8761/8760


Service users, subject to adequate safeguards, have the right of access to personal information about themselves. For further information contact your social worker or, if you are living in a residential home or attending a day centre, the unit manager.


The Recreation Service is responsible for the contract management of the borough's 5 major sports and leisure facilities and the direct management of the sports centres on school sites. All cater for a wide range of interests and activities.

Sports Development Team  Phone 020 8758 5210

Events Team  Phone 020 8758 5741

Halls Services  Phone 020 8758 5732  Fax 020 8566 5088

Recreation  Phone 020 8758 5062/8286


A total of 11 commodities can be recycled in the borough: glass, cans, paper, clothes, textiles & shoes, scrap metal, CFCs, engine oil, garden waste, paint, car batteries and cardboard.

Recycling Enquiries: Tel: 020 8832 6464


For accumulations on private land contact Environmental Health and for accumulations on the public highway, contact Environmental Services. 

Telephone Environment Group Call Centre on 020 8832 6464


Refuse collection takes place weekly from all 118,000 domestic properties in the borough and supplies of black plastic sacks are delivered four times a year except to those properties served by paladins. There is no limit to the number of sacks you can leave out for collection although only one sack of garden waste is allowed. Please always tie your sacks at the top to avoid spillage and ensure they are placed within the boundary of your own property, near the road on the day of collection. Please do not place your sacks on the highway as this is an offence. Please recycle as much waste as possible. Never put hazardous substances in your refuse sacks and wrap all sharp objects. (A clinical waste service exists for items such as syringes and dressings). Contact number below.

Environmental Services  Phone 020 8832 6464

Household refuse (but not commercial) which cannot be collected as part of the normal household refuse collection service (such as garden waste, small quantities of DIY waste and bulky items) can be disposed of at any of the council's waste and recycling centres, free of charge.

Acton Waste and Recycling Centre
Stirling Road (off Bollo Lane) W3
Phone: 020 8832 3402 or 020 8832 2400
Opening hours
1 October - 31 March
Monday-Sunday 8.00am - 4.00pm
1 April - 30 September
Monday-Sunday: 8.00am-5.00pm

Greenford Waste and Recycling Centre
Greenford Depot Greenford
Greenford Road
Contact J Heffernan
Phone: 020 8832 3402 or 020 8832 2400

Opening hours
1 October - 31 March
Monday-Sunday 8.00am-4.00pm
1 April - 30 September
Monday-Sunday 8.00am - 5.00pm

Southall Waste and Recycling Centre
Gordon Road
Phone: 020 8832 3402 or 020 8832 2400

Opening hours
1 October - 31 March
Monday-Sunday 8.00am - 4.00pm
1 April - 30 September
Monday-Sunday: 8.00am-5.00pm


The council is committed to working to regenerate the life of the borough. This involves work with key private and public sector partners around social and cultural facilities, transport and planning to encourage business growth and promote access to jobs for local people. For further information on strategy and projects call the number below.

Community Regeneration Unit  Phone 020 8758 8846.


Development of urban renewal projects for Southall, Park Royal, Acton and Greenford Green. Working with Regeneration partnerships:-

Southall Regeneration Partnership Tel: 020 8917 9286
Ealing Town Centre Forums Tel: 020 8758 5918
Action Acton Ltd Tel: 020 8993 9605
Regeneration Unit Tel: 020 8758 8846
Community Safety and Crime Unit Tel: 020 8280 1385
Grants Unit Tel: 020 8758 5933


The Ealing Register Office is open 9am-4pm Monday to Friday.  Births and deaths are registered at Ealing Town Hall, Room T/G.09. Contact the registrar of births and deaths for an appointment, 020 8758 5242.  For marriage enquiries, registration and ceremonies contact the Superintendent Registrar (Ealing Town Hall, Room T/1.11) for an appointment. Tel. 020 8758 5204.  For general enquiries and copies of records contact the general office Tel. 020 8758 8946 (copies of records may also be obtained through our telephone ordering arrangement using most credit/debit cards Tel. 020 8758 8946).  We are also pleased to receive all enquiries by e-mail:

Registration Births/Deaths/Marriages  Phone 020 8758 8946/758 5204  Fax 020 8758 8722  E-Mail

Births and Deaths
Room T/G09 New Broadway
Ealing Town Hall W5 2BY
Phone: 020 8758 8946

Open 9am-4pm.


To make sure you can vote you must get your name on the electoral register. This is compiled each year and a form should come through your door each autumn for you to fill in. To find out if you are on the register contact the number below, or consult the register at Ealing Town Hall, your local library or post office. The electoral registration office is in Room TB24 in the basement of Ealing Town Hall, open to the public Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm.

Electoral Registration Office  Fax 020 8758 8245 Phone 020 8758 5731/5371    EMail

Electoral Registration
Room TB24, Ealing Town Hall
New Broadway
Phone: 020 8758 5038/5731

Mon-Fri 8.30 am-4.30pm


Regulated tenants (those whose tenancies began before 15 January 1989, with a few exceptions) and/or their landlord can ask the rent officer to register a fair rent, but may wish to get advice from the Housing Advisory Service first.

Rent Officer Fax 020 8840 8150  Phone 020 8579 6881

Housing Advisory Service  Phone 020 8758 8002/appts 758 8002/758 5939


The Rent Officer is a statutory officer carrying out functions for the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. The duties of the Rent Officer are as follows

1. Under the Rent Act 1977: To register fair rents for residential accommodation let by private landlords and housing associations, where the tenancy began before 15th January 1989 (or where the tenant has been with the same landlord since before that date).

2. Under the Rent Officers (Housing Benefit Functions) Order 1997: To make a series of valuations for the local authority housing benefit section, in regard to accommodation which is let, or is likely to be let, to housing benefit claimants.

3. Under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996: To advise the local authority of the increase in rent which is likely to result from grant-aided works.

On 1st October 1999 the Rent Officer Service will become an Agency of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

The Rent Officer Service Phone 020 8579 6881 Fax 020 8840 8170
Housing Advisory Service  Phone 020 8758 8002/appts 020 8758 8002/758 5939


Rents can be paid through the post office or bank by credit transfer, bankers order or direct debit or in person to the cash office. If you have difficulty in paying your rent or rent arrears do not hesitate to contact your appropriate Housing Area Office for help and advice. Click here for contact details.


Repairlink is the council's repair service for council houses and flats. If you are a council tenant, see your tenancy agreement to find out who is responsible for repairs. If they are the council's responsibility, you can report them by calling free during normal office hours on Repairlink lines. You can also write or call your local housing office. In serious emergencies at weekends and bank holidays contact 020 8579 2424

Repairlink (Acton)  Freephone 0800 181 552

Repairlink (Ealing)  Freephone 0800 181 744

Repairlink (Northolt. Greenford,)  Freephone 0800 181 541

Repairlink (Southall) Freephone 0800 614 746


Research information which may be of use for town planning, business planning and community planning is held by the planning policy team. This covers population, land, development and planning decisions, unemployment and increasingly, environmental matters.

For details contact 020 8280 1360


To enquire about residential accommodation for people who are elderly or physically disabled, for children, for people with a learning disability or mental disorder contact the Information and Assessment Team. Mental Health Resource Centre or Children’s Disability Team.

In most instances staff at local offices should be your first point of contact for social services

Learning Disability Team, Green Lane, Resource Centre, Green Lane. Phone 020 8566 2360.

Acton: W3, W4, W12, NW10
Town Hall, Winchester Street, Acton, W3 6NE. Phone 020 8579 2424 9am- 4.30pm.

Ealing & Hanwell: W5, W13, W7.
Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL. Phone 020 8579 2424, 9am - 4.30pm.

Greenford / Northolt / Perivale / Southall UB2, UB5, UB6, UB7.
301 Ruislip Road, Greenford. Phone 020 8579 2424 9am - 4.30pm.

For details on how to obtain a particular service please contact 020 8579 2424


Applications are invited for the Ealing Responsible Host Award Scheme. Anyone can nominate local pubs, clubs, winw bars, restaurants or hotels which demonstrate care for their local environment and community.
The award scheme is supported by the Council along with the Metropolitan Police, London Tourist Board and Yate's Wine Lodge.

For details contact 020 8280 1226


The Council is required to keep a definitive map of public rights of way. For further information contact the Countryside Service.

Parks & Countryside Service  Phone 020 8758 5916

Right to Buy

Most secure tenants of the Council with a minimum of two years public sector tenancy have a legal right to buy their homes at a discount under the Right to Buy Scheme.

Contact Home Ownership services:
020 8758 5801
020 8758 5854
020 8758 5855


All highway accidents involving personal injury should be reported to the police. The council wishes to know about other incidents which involve damage to street furniture particularly when guardrailing or crash barriers have been damaged.

Parkman Routine Highway Maintenance  Phone 020 8758 5509


The council is responsible for the design and construction of most new roads, improvements to existing roads and car parks.

Highway Improvements  Phone 020 8758 5272


Education and training.  Road, rail and water safety, publicity materials are also available.

Roadcraft Centre: Phone 020 8758 8062


The surfaces of all roads in the borough are inspected at regular intervals to ensure they are safe and that the quality and structural condition is satisfactory. Roads which fall below the appropriate standards are repaired. This may be an asphalt patch or a dressing using tar and chippings and occasionally complete replacement of the surface layer or reconstruction is required.

Routine Highway Maintenance  Phone 020 8280 1048

Reception  Phone 020 8758 5501


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