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All unwanted paint can be taken to Greenford and Acton Waste & Recycling Centres. The paint is collected, sorted and relabelled by Ealing Community Transport (ECT) who make it available for use by voluntary groups in the West London area.

Ealing Community (Paint)  Phone 020 8832 2494


There are paper banks at 37 of the council's recycling sites. Most types of paper are accepted including catalogues and telephone directories (except Yellow Pages because of the dye). Cardboard can be taken to the Greenford Waste and Recycling Centre.  Also Kerbside/Green Box.

Environmental Services  Phone 020 8832 6464


Lists of groups and their locations are available from the Social Services Under Eights Section and libraries and information and advice offices.

Under Eights Section  Phone 020 8758 5969


Parent Teacher Associations exist in most schools to give parents an opportunity to be involved in how their school is run. For information contact the head of the school or get a list from your local library.


Parking Services
22-24 Uxbridge Road
W5 2BP
Phone: 020 8758 8889

Parking bays for people with disabilities


The council is responsible for enforcing parking except for roads designated as red routes - the A40 and A406 - which are managed by the police. Parking restrictions play an important part in reducing congestion, accidents and improving the road transport system. The council has the power to apply wheel clamps and remove illegally parked vehicles. The police can ticket or remove cars causing an obstruction. Parking tickets are in the form of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) which can be paid by cheque or postal order or in person at the parking shop in Singapore Road car park, West Ealing. The parking shop will accept credit cards and can help with parking ticket queries. The service is run for the council by TFM.

TFM  Phone 0345 125486


There are designated parking spaces at the council's central offices for visitors who have orange badges for the disabled. These are at the front of Perceval House and next to the town hall annexe. Other council visitors are advised to use the multi-storey car park in nearby Springbridge Road or the short stay parking bays provided in Longfield Avenue. For further information on visitor parking call Contract and Property Services on the number below.

Contract and Property Services  Phone 020 8758 5529


Application forms for residential parking in controlled parking zones and season tickets for parking in Springbridge Road and West Ealing multi-storey car park are available from address below.

Parking Services
22-24 Uxbridge Road
W5 2BP
Phone: 020 8758 8889


The council has over 120 parks, open spaces and playgrounds throughout the borough. Most parks have sports facilities available (see recreation) and children's playgrounds. Further information about the parks in your area is available on numbers below.

Parks & Countryside Service  Phone  020 8758 5916

Visit our website at


Many of the borough's parks and open spaces are available for hire for a number of activities, such as fetes, shows, sponsored walks, sports days and so on. In order to book a park or open space for any such activity you need to ring the Halls & Events Team on the number below. Alternatively if your booking is for a sports pitch you will need to contact the Outdoor Sports Bookings Team on the number below.

Halls and Events Team  Phone 020 8759 5436

Outdoor Sports Booking Office  Phone 020 8422 5132


The council works closely with a range of partners in West London and further afield. These include neighbouring boroughs, the local training and enterprise council, Business Link West London, the district health authority, the police and the Government Office for London. The council also supports local partnerships for the regeneration of specific areas in the borough.

Community Regeneration Unit  Phone 020 8758 8149/ 020 8280 1325


A party patrol operates on Friday and Saturday nights (11pm-4am) to respond to complaints about noisy parties and other noise disturbances.

Emergency Services  Phone 020 8579 2424


The footways are regularly patrolled by the council's parking contractors who take action to prevent pavement parking except in those roads where exemptions apply. If you wish to report an offence you can contact the number below.

Parking  Services: Phone 020 8758-8889/5022/5537


Queries on accounts submitted to the council for payment should be referred initially to the originating department and thereafter to the Payments Section.

Payments Section of the Corporate Resources Group  Phone 020 8579 2424 Ext 42367/42449


In certain circumstances the council may introduce a variety of measures to assist pedestrians, such as a zebra or pelican crossing.

Transport Services: Phone 020 8758 5551


The Pest Control and Disinfection Service is run by Environmental Health and offers advice and a range of competitively priced services to deal with rats, mice, wasps, fleas and certain other insects in residential and commercial premises. Disinfection of   filthy or verminous premises is also undertaken.  The Council does not offer services to deal with foxes, pigeons and squirrels but advice is available on request.  

Pest Control  Phone 020 8758 5930


Self-service photocopiers are available at all libraries (except Pitshanger) and in Perceval House.


Advice can be obtained from Environmental Health (Private Housing and Pest Control)

Pest Control  Phone 020 8758 5930


Ealing has 78 football pitches, 22 cricket pitches and 16 bowling greens. Ealing provides numerous outdoor sports facilities including football, rugby, gaelic football, Australian rules football, hockey, cricket, bowls, croquet, tennis, athletics, rounders, softball and netball. For seasonal or one off hire of parks, open spaces and/or pavilions for these activities (or others) contact the Outdoor Sports Bookings office.

Outdoor Sports Booking Office  Phone 020 8578 8268


The council's adopted unitary development plan (entitled Plan for the Environment) is the basis for decisions on development in the borough, ie decisions on planning applications, projects and other environmental matters.  The policies are set out in a written statement and on a proposals map covering the whole of the borough.  Copies of the plan are available for inspection and for sale.  Some of the policies are being considered for alteration, and information is also available on these.  See also Development Plan Policies.

Tel: 020 8758 5657.
Planning Policy web site:


Most building work and changes of use require planning permission before work can go ahead. For further information about applying for planning permission telephone the number below.

Planning Applications  Phone 020 8758 5650  EMail


Action can be taken against unauthorised building work. The council also ensures that any conditions attached to planning permissions are properly met.

Planning Enforcement  Phone 020 8280 1193/1194


If you wish to comment on or object to a planning application contact Planning Services.  Applications are available for inspection at Environment reception 8.30am to 5.00pm (Monday to Friday).

Planning Services Phone 020 8758 5650.


The planning division maintains a register of all planning applications received and the decisions made on these by the council. The register is available for inspection at Environment reception.

Planning Register  Phone 020 8280 1106


The Play Service is responsible for providing organised play activities for children under the age of 12. It does this through its playcentres. The larger centres are usually open for older children (5-12 years) after school, at weekends and during school holiday periods on a drop-in basis. Contact individual centres for details. For under five-year-olds parent and toddler sessions are organised during term time, on afternoons and some mornings. After-school and holiday care schemes are also organised, particularly targeted at those children with working parents or parents who have difficulty making satisfactory arrangements for children when school ends.  A variety of special events and activities are also organised including inflatables, play weeks, outings, entertainers. The Play Service also operates crèches.

Play Services Manager  Phone 020 8758 5745


There are 7 playcentres throughout the borough. For further information contact the Play Service or the individual centres.

Play Services Manager  Phone 020 8758 5745

Acton Park Playcentre
East Acton Lane
Phone: 020 8743 6133

For further information contact the Play Service 758 5745 or the individual centre.

Dormers Wells Playcentre
Longridge Lane
Phone: 020 8571 9756

For further information contact the Play Service 758 5745 or the individual centre.

Islip Manor Playcentres
Eastcote Lane
Phone: 020 8845 0231

For further information contact the Play Service 758 5745 or the individual centre.

Lammas Park Playcentre
Elers Road
Phone: 020 8579 2424 ext 43219 or 020 8810 0240

For further information contact the Play Service 020 8758 5745 or the individual centre.

Limetrees Playcentre
Thorndyke Avenue
Phone: 020 8845 2514

For further information contact the Play Service 020 8758 5745 or the individual centre.

Northolt Park Playcentre
Off Newmarket Avenue
Phone: 020 8846 7614

For further information contact the Play Service 020 8758 5745 or the individual centre.

Southall Park Playcentre
Boyd Avenue
Phone: 020 8813 8263

For further information contact the Play Service 020 8758 5745 or the individual centre.


The council provides playgrounds and play areas in park, play centre and on housing estates.


Playgroups offer pre-school education and care for children from 2-5 years. They operate for 2-3 hours per day. Most playgroups offer 3, 4 or 5 mornings per week and there is a small charge per session. List of groups are available from the contact numbers/address below.

Under Eights Section  Phone 020 8758 5969

Pre-School Learning Alliance (Ealing Branch)
46 Lower Boston Road
Hanwell W7
Phone: 020 8567 5247


Environmental Health deals with complaints about air and water pollution, land contamination and noise.

Pollution Control Phone 020 8758 5738
Air Quality Hotline  Phone 0800 919094


One of the Local Agenda 21 project groups bringing together in partnership the business community, environmental and residents groups and all others interested in establishing short and long term action plans and carrying out practical projects to address the environment and quality of life in Ealing.

Open to all, the LA21 Pollution and Public Health project group is working to reduce air, noise and water pollution in Ealing, through projects such as stencilling beside street gulleys and the Mobile Air Pollution Monitoring Unit. To get involved or find out more contact the number below.

Pollution Control Phone 020 8758 5738
Pollution and Public Health - Local Agenda 21 Project Group  Phone 020 8758 8046


Information is kept on the census, mid-year estimates and projections of population.   Reports and tables are available for sale, and customised reports can be prepared as specified.

Tel: 020 8280 1360 or 758 5658.


Ealing Tertiary College and Thames Valley University provide learning opportunities for people who are over 16. The college operates on four sites throughout the borough and offers full-time, part-time, day release and adult education courses. For information about courses and financial support contact the headteacher of the relevant high school or Ealing Tertiary College information and advice centre at Ealing Green.

Ealing Tertiary College
Ealing Green
Phone: 020 8231 6000

Thames Valley University
St Mary's Road
W5 5RF
Phone: 020 8579 5000


The council seeks to keep roads free of pot-holes and other similar defects. If you wish to report such a defect contact number below.

Highway Maintenance  Phone 020 8280 1048


Playgroups offer pre-school education and care for children from 2/2½-5 years. They operate for 2-3 hours per day. Most Playgroups offer 3,4 or 5 mornings per week and there is a small charge per session.

Lists of groups are available from the Under Eights Section Telephone 020 8758 5969 or Ealing branch of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, 46 Lower Boston Road, Hanwell W7 Telephone 020 8567 5247.


For a list of primary schools in the borough, contact Primary Schools Admissions Services (address as for Perceval House).

Primary Schools Admissions Services  Phone 020 8758 5427
(Personal callers and telephone calls between 9am and 12 noon).


With extensive kitchen facilities and a servery area, this lavish split-level venue is especially designed for sit-down meals and banquets.  Vist the Halls web site for more details.

Halls Services  Phone 020 8758 5732


Private nursery schools and classes and Montessori classes offer part-time pre-school education to children aged 2/3 years-5 years. Fees vary between schools. Lists of schools and classes are available from the Social Services Under Eights Section.

Under Eights Section  Phone 020 8758 5969


The council is not responsible for the maintenance of private streets even though the public may have a right of way over them. There are ways in which these streets can be made up to highway standards and adopted by the council. In many cases the cost of doing so is met by the householders or 'frontages' in the street. If you have queries about private streets contact the number below.

Estates Development  Phone 020 8758 8108


The council has a wide range of policies to evaluate planning applications, so that as far as possible proposals for development do not harm the environment - and that wherever possible, development enhances the local environment.  These policies are prepared by the Planning Policy Team on the basis of community involvement, and are set out in the Plan for the Environment and supplementary guidance.  See Development Plan Policies, Guidance on Development Plan Policies and Plan for the Environment. 

Tel: 020 8758 5659.
Planning Policy web site:


Public toilets range from the traditional segregated buildings for men and women to modern single, automatic facilities.  Maintenance and cleaning of all public toilets is carried out regularly.

Environmental Health (Public Highway)  Phone 020 8832 6464


Most libraries offer display space for posters or leaflets publicising the activities of community groups. Exhibition space is also available within the Town Hall and Perceval House. For details of display space in libraries contact your local library directly. If you have a query about council publicity, contact the Communications Unit.

Communications Unit  Phone 020 8758 5704


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