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All cans are recyclable including those for food, pet food and drinks. The Borough has can banks located at 52 recycling sites collecting both steel and aluminum cans. Aluminium cans are also collected by ALCAN Aluminium Cabs Recycling Ltd who will purchase aluminium cans directly from the public.

Recycling & Waste Services:    Phone 020 8832 6464

ALCAN   Phone 020 8892 0257


The Countryside Service runs a variety of canal boat trips from May to September on the Grand Union Canal. For details on booking and programme of trips contact the number below.

Countryside Service   Phone 020 8758 5916


Respite Care for children with disabilities and their families can be offered for short periods to give carers and children a break either in a residential unit, or through the family based respite care scheme with a local family. A sitting service can offer a "baby-sitting" service for children 0-10 with severe disabilities in their own homes. Contact Area Commissioning Team.

In most instances staff at local offices should be your first point of contact for social services

Learning Disability Team, Green Lane, Resource Centre, Green Lane.  Phone 020 8566 2360.

Acton: W3, W4 W12, NW10.
Town Hall, Winchester Street, Acton, W3 6NE.  Phone 020 8579 2424 9am- 4.30pm.

Ealing & Hanwell: W5, W13, W7.
Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL.  Phone 020 8579 2424, 9am - 4.30pm

Greenford / Northolt / Perivale / Southall  UB2, UB5, UB6, UB7
301 Ruislip Road, Greenford 020 8579 2424 9am - 430pm.

Commissioning Teams for adults are based at Acton and Greenford location. All referrals should be made to the Referral and Assessment Team at either Acton or Greenford. There is also a hospital based social work team based at Ealing Hospital Tel: 020 8843 1636.

Commissioning teams for Mental Health are based in the locality Mental Health Resource Centres provided by the NHS trust.

For general information on carers in the UK visit:

For details on how to obtain a particular service please contact 020 8579 2424


The substances contained in the used car batteries are hazardous if allowed to escape. Please take your old car batteries to  Greenford Waste & Recycling Centre.

Recycling & Waste Services:    Phone 020 8832 646


The council is responsible for the maintenance and management of some public car parks within the borough. For further information contact the Highway and Parking Control Team on the number below.

Phone: Parking Services: 020 8758 8889.


There are a number of carnivals and festivals run in the Borough including the Hanwell Carnival, Greenford Carnival, Southall Show and Acton Extravaganza. The Halls & Events Team provides a link between the council and the carnival organisers. For more details call the number below.

Hall & Events Team   Phone 020 8758 5741


Audio cassettes and compact discs are available for loan from the following libraries: Greenford, Acton, Southall, West Ealing and Central. Talking books and children's cassettes are available at all libraries. For details ring Central Library on the number shown below.

Central Library  Phone 020 8567 3670


Function catering with licensed bar facilities is available in Ealing Town Hall for 40-400 guests. Wedding receptions, buffets, banquets, anniversaries and conferences. For more information contact number below.

Ealing Catering Direct to Poco Loco 020 8840 0330


Ealing has cemeteries in Greenford Park , South Ealing, Acton, Hortus and Havelock. For information contact the number below.

Cemeteries Office   Phone 0208 758 5625


Information from the 1991 Census is available at borough and ward level and various topic-based data bulletins are produced for sale. Other socio-economic data about the borough is also available. For further information contact the council's Strategy and Review Group.

Strategy and Review   Phone 020 8758 8846.


The environmental implications of places for drinking and entertainment are considered through a working group involving local magistrates, the police, community organisations and the council.  Free guidance notes are available on request.

Telephone: 020 8758 5657


It is illegal to allow CFC gases to escape into the atmosphere. CFCs are harmful to the ozone layer and they should be extracted with care from the cooling systems of all scrap refrigerators and freezers by a qualified engineer. The council provides a free collection service for scrap refrigerators and freezers to householders to ensure the safe recovery of the CFC gases. When handling or lifting a refrigerator or freezer, care should be taken not to damage the back of the appliance as the CFC gases can easily escape.

Environmental Health    Phone 020 8758 8282


This service is provided by the Health Authority at Windmill Lodge at the address below.

Windmill Lodge
Uxbridge Road
Phone: 020 8967 5485


For details of registered childminders in your area and information on how to become a registered childminder contact the Under Eights Section on the number below.

Under Eights Section   Phone 020 8758 5969


The council provides services to or for children in many of its departments. Please see under the appropriate headings for specific services.

Under Eights Section   Phone 020 8758 5969


The council launched this network in April 2000 to ensure the special needs of children in the borough are being met and plan for the future. The network also provides families of children with special needs with a range of information. For more details check out their web pages.
Email: [email protected]


Circuses in borough parks are coordinated by the Halls & Events Team. To speak to a member of the team call the number below.

Halls and Events Team   Phone 020 8758 5741


Environmental Health can help in situations where urgent disinfection/cleansing is required. See number below.

Private Housing and Pest Control Environmental Health  
Phone 020 8758 5605


A free service is available to all NHS patients treated at home and to the elderly, for the collection and disposal of waste such as soiled surgical dressings, incontinence pads and syringes. A service is also available to doctors, dentists and veterinary surgeons at a moderate charge. See number below.

Recycling & Waste Services:    Phone 020 8832 6464


The council currently manages a 24 camera CCTV system covering the heart of Ealing town centre. The objectives of the system are to help deter crime, detect crime, reduce the fear of crime and assist town centre management. The system is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days a week by trained CCTV operators in the council's main office building, Perceval House. The use of Ealing's CCTV is governed by a strict Code of Practice, a copy of which is available from your local library and main council offices. It is proposed to extend CCTV to Southall town centre and to some housing estates in 1998, and further expansion may be considered in the longer term. For further information please contact Contract and Property Services.

Contract and Property Services   Phone 020 8758 5529


The council has waste textile banks located at 10 recycling sites in the Borough. Please make sure that the clothes are not soiled and only deposit shoes in pairs (preferably tied together).

Clothes and Textiles: ECT Ltd Tel: 020 8578 3182


Commercial waste is refuse produced by any business. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, every commercial waste producer must ensure their waste is disposed of legally and documentation (a waste transfer note) proving the legal transfer of waste must be available for inspection. The council provides a competitively priced service for the collection and disposal of commercial waste. Alternatively, commercial waste may be disposed of at Greenford Waste and Recycling Centre.

Tel: Call Centre: 020 8832 6464


The council's decision-making process operates through specialist committees which are open to members of the public.  Committee papers and reports are available for reference at Central, Acton, Southall, Greenford and West Ealing libraries.

Committees (Education)  Phone 020 8758 5229

Committees (Environment)  Phone 020 8758 5223

Committees (Housing)  Phone 020 8758 5637

Committee (Policy and Resources) Phone 020 8758 5638

Committees (Social Services)   Phone 020 8758 5223


These registers are held in the Local Land Charges Section. They can be inspected for a fee of £6.

Local Land Charges Office
Room TB24
Basement of Ealing Town Hall
New Broadway,
Ealing W5
Phone: 020 8758 5609  Fax 020 8758 8245 E-mail:  
Hours:  Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm


The Communication Unit is responsible for relations with the media, the production of the borough magazine Around Ealing and other key council publications, the web site and public information work and for promoting and managing movie-making in the borough.  It aims to keep all sections of the public informed about the work and policies of the council. For more details contact the Communications Unit.

Communication Unit   Phone 020 8758 5704


For Information about services provided under the NHS and Community Care Act 1990, please contact your local Social Services Commissioning Team, Adult Assessment.   For Mental Health see Mental Health.

In most instances staff at local offices should be your first point of contact for social services

Learning Disability Team, Green Lane, Resource Centre, Green Lane.  Phone 020 8566 2360.

Acton: W3, W4 W12, NW10.
Town Hall, Winchester Street, Acton, W3 6NE.  Phone 020 8579 2424 9am- 4.30pm.

Ealing & Hanwell: W5, W13, W7.
Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL.  Phone 020 8579 2424, 9am - 4.30pm

Greenford / Northolt / Perivale / Southall  UB2, UB5, UB6, UB7
301 Ruislip Road, Greenford 020 8579 2424 9am - 430pm.

Commissioning Teams for adults are based at Acton and Greenford location. All referrals should be made to the Referral and Assessment Team at either Acton or Greenford. There is also a hospital based social work team based at Ealing Hospital Tel: 020 8843 1636.

Commissioning teams for Mental Health are based in the locality Mental Health Resource Centres provided by the NHS trust.

For details on how to obtain a particular service please contact 020 8579 2424


The borough has 12 community centres offering a variety of education and recreational activities for the local community. For information about events and facilities please call:

Dominion Centre for Community Programmes
112 The Green
Phone: 020 8843 1227

Greenford Community Centre
170 Oldfield Lane South
Middlesex  UB6 9JB
Phone: 020 8578 2712

Hanwell Community Centre
Westcott Crescent
London  W7 1PD
Phone: 020 8578 2586

Islip Manor Community Centre
Arnold Road
Middlesex  UB5 5EF
Phone: 020 8845 1475

Northfields Community Centre
Northcroft Road
Phone: 020 8567 2893

Northolt Grange Community Centre
Rushdene Crescent
Middlesex  UB5 6QN
Phone:  020 8845 1850

Northolt Village Community Centre
Ealing Road
Middlesex  UB5 6AD
Phone:   020 8845 0643

Viking Community Centre
Radcliffe Way
Middlesex  UB6 6HW
Phone:  020 8841 1096

West Acton Community Centre
Churchill Gardens
Phone: 020 8992 8899

Southall Community Centre
20 Merrick Road
Middlesex  UB2 4AU
Phone:  020 8574 3458

Priory Centre for Community Programmes
Acton Lane
Phone: 020 8993 1237

Perivale Community Centre
Horsenden Lane South
Middlesex  UB6 7NP
Phone:  020 8997 2404


This system of taxation was replaced by council tax on 1 April 1993. All outstanding debts must be paid and the council will actively pursue them.


Ealing council tries to consult interested members of its public and community groups about major changes of policy or initiatives with local impact. Each department is responsible for undertaking its own consultation initiatives and these will vary in form.


Local people can participate in setting an agenda for the 21st century on community issues - spanning all aspects of social and economic development, and promoting sustainable projects.  The community development group is one of a range of LA21 groups covering different issues, and supported by the Council.

Community Development   Phone 020 8758 5659


Local people in Southall are invited to participate in a project promoted by the LA21 Community Development Group, which shows how all manner of food crops - including many native to the Indian sub-continent, the Caribbean and the antipodes - can be grown locally in gardens and allotments.  The project is part of the London-wide 'Cityharvest' scheme to encourage more food production in urban areas, and make cities more sustainable.

Tel: 020 8758 5659.


Information about local community matters may be obtained from the libraries. Information, often in written form, is available on community services, community groups, facilities and events, equipment, grant aid, transport, premises for hire etc. In addition there are public access terminals linked to an electronic database (Ealing Local Information Service) in all libraries, Perceval House, Priory Community Centre and 301 Ruislip Road. Changes and additions should be notified to the Administrative Officer, Library and Information Service, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL.

Library Information Service   Phone 020 8579 2424 Ext: 55085


The council works closely with the police and other partners such as the Ealing Community Safety Partnership to combat crime and the fear of crime in the borough. Priorities include work with the elderly and young people and on drugs issues. For further details see number below.

Community Safety Officer  Phone 020 8280 1384


Compact discs are available for loan from the following libraries: Acton, Greenford, Southall, West Ealing and Central.  For further information contact Central Library on the number shown below.

Central Library   Phone 020 8567 3670


If you feel you have a claim for compensation against the council, it should be addressed in writing to the Insurance and Risk Manager.

Insurance and Risk Manager
London Borough of Ealing
Town Hall
PO Box 4 W5 2YX

Insurance Office   Phone 020 8758 5319


We welcome your complaints and suggestions as they help us to improve our services. Please contact the service concerned either by phone (using the numbers listed in this guide or on the council phone card), in person at their reception, in writing (to the relevant service at Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL) or by emailing the relevant department.

Details of our complaints procedure (including your right to appeal if you are not satisfied with our response) are available at council receptions and libraries. Translated summaries and an audio cassette version are also available.


Where land and/or buildings are required by the council for a specific purpose it may be necessary to make a compulsory purchase order to acquire the property. For further information telephone the number shown below.

Estates & Valuation Division   Phone 020 8758 5051


Ealing Town Hall is ideally suited to cater for conferences of up to 500 delegates. In house catering and back up facilities, 10 workshop rooms and the convenient location make it an ideal conference venue. Facilities are competitively priced, either at an hourly rate or an all-inclusive delegate rate. For details call the Marketing Manager on the number below.

Marketing Manager   Phone 020 8758 5742


Twenty six areas of special architectural and historic interest have so far been designated as conservation areas in the borough. This means that special efforts will be made to retain the unique style of the area or building. Contact the number below for further information.  Individual copies of Conservation Appraisals for each area are available, as well as a general leaflet covering the main special requirements.

Click here for information on Conservation Areas 
Phone 020 8758 5676.


Ealing's Trading Standards Service gives basic consumer law advice to Borough residents on a self-help basis.  We have numerous free leaflets available setting out in straightforward terms your legal rights when you buy goods and services, along with step-by-step guidance on how to sort out your problems.  These are also available from Borough libraries.  Trading Standards Officers will also investigate complaints which may reveal consumer criminal offences, notably under laws covering weights and measures, misleading descriptions of goods and services, product safety, consumer credit, and misleading pricing. Contact Trading Standards or visit our consumer and business friendly web site

Trading Standards  
Perceval House
14/16 Uxbridge Road
Ealing W5 2HL
Phone 020 8758 8906  Fax 020 8567 6077  


Contract and Property Services (CPS) are responsible for managing the contract with Cardinal for the provision of technical services. CPS also manages and maintains the council's non-housing properties, including its offices and public receptions. If you have any queries or complaints regarding any of these areas of work please contact Contract and Property Services.

Contract and Property Services   Phone 020 8758 5529


Lists of all committees and their dates, councillors, MPs and MEP addresses and surgeries are available from libraries and are printed regularly in Around Ealing.


Council committees and other member level bodies usually meet about four times a year and take most council decisions. Most meetings are held in Ealing Town Hall and are open to the public, unless any confidential items are to be discussed. The full council meets about every three months. Dates of meetings are advertised regularly by poster at the Town Hall, in libraries, and in Around Ealing and on the web at


This system of taxation replaced community charge from 1 April 1993. It is a local tax to help pay for local services.  Every property has been placed on a valuation list in one of eight council tax bands and this can be inspected at the following places:- Ealing Central Library, Greenford Library, Southall, Acton Library, (see under Libraries for addresses and opening times); Council Tax Reception, Town Hall Annexe. If your house has been adapted in any way for use by someone with a disability you may be entitled to a reduction in your council tax.

Council Tax
Town Hall Annexe
Ealing New Broadway W5

Visit our website at


Phone or call at your local housing area office about repairs, rents, tenancy, anti-social behaviour eg, racial harassment, transfers, renting a garage, sheltered housing, tenants associations etc. 

Acton Housing Office
Acton Town Hall
Winchester Street
W3 6NE
Tel: 020 8992 5566
Repairlink Freephone (during normal office hours) 0800 181 552

Ealing Housing Office
Dawley House (Ground Floor)
91-95 Uxbridge Road
Ealing W5 9TJ
Tel: 020 8832 6300
Repairlink Freephone (during normal office hours) 0800 181 744

301 Housing
301 Ruislip Road
Middlesex UB6 9SE
Tel: 020 8832 6100
Fax: 020 8832 6110
Repairlink Freephone (during normal office hours) 0800 181 541

Southall Housing Office
Fleming Road
Middlesex UB1 3RP
Tel: 020 8571 1282
Repairlink Freephone (during normal office hours) 0800 614 746


Lists of councillors, MPs and MEP, together with details of who sits on which committee, dates of committee meetings and councillors surgeries are available in libraries, and are printed in Around Ealing.

Click here for link to on-line listings.


The Parks and Countryside Service has a wide ranging role in the Council's management of the natural environment. The service is responsible for managing and improving Ealing's nature conservation sites
Parks & open green spaces
Areas for nature conservation wildlife and people
Animal Centres
Cemeteries & Burial Service
Plagrounds with parks
Building within parks
Golf courses and outdoor sports
Environmental Education
Marketing & Promotion
Recreating & Access
Countryside Service  Phone 020 8758 5916

Visit our website at


If you would like information concerning the regulations for operating a crèche or details of crèches available in your area contact the number below.

Under Eights Section   Phone 020 8758 5969


Work is undertaken in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police and local people in promoting crime prevention and community safety in the context of the powers and duties of the council's Environment Group.  Planning guidance is available in 'Safer Ealing'.

Tel: 020 8758 5657.


The Council can lower kerbs and strengthen the footway in front of residential properties to allow residents to park their vehicles within their own property, charges vary.

Advice and assistance on easing pedestrian access where kerbs or crossings may be difficult, particularly for those in wheelchairs or with pushchairs is available via the number below.

Phone: Call Centre: 020 8832 6464.


The council is responsible for designing and implementing measures to help cyclists (such as cycle lanes and cycle routes). For details of the current programme contact Transport Services 020 8758 5551.


For details on cycling clubs, please contact the Sports Development Team.

Sports Development Team   Phone 020 8758 5210

Visit The Ealing Cycling Campaign website at


Safe cycle training, via schools and holiday courses. 

Contact Road Safety: 020 8758 8062.


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