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If you are concerned about a vehicle which has been parked in the same place for a long time and may have been abandoned, especially if it is causing an obstruction of the highway or footpath, you can report it by contacting the number below.

Environment Call Centre: 020 8832 6464


The council has a responsibility for planning improved access for all (to buildings and land throughout the borough), having particular regard to the needs of people with disabilities.  Local people with disabilities can get involved through the Ealing Access Committee, which meets regularly to discuss planning applications, projects and policies to secure improved access for all.
Tel: 020 8758 5657


Suitable means of access and a reasonable number of sanitary conveniences for use by disabled people must be provided in the following new buildings:

* offices and shops
* single storey schools and other educational establishments
* single storey buildings for public use

For further information on the legal requirements for access to public buildings and buildings where disabled people are employed call the number below  or visit our web section.

Building Control Services  Phone 020 8758 5616


Council committee agendas, reports, minutes, and lists of background information are available for inspection. In a small number of confidential cases, access may not be available for inspection at Central, Acton, Southall, Greenford and West Ealing libraries.


Accidents and dangerous occurrences that happen in certain non-council workplaces (ie offices, shops, warehouses, restaurants and hotels) in the borough are investigated by the Environmental Health Division.

Environmental Health and Consumer Services  Phone 020 8758 5940


If you want a copy of the council's annual accounts or have any queries on them, contact the Chief Accountant, Dave Lucas, Tel: 020 8758 5325.

The accounts can be viewed on line at


If you are finding it difficult to cope at home because of the design of your home the council may be able to help with adaptations. For further information, contact Information and Assessment Team based at Ealing.

Learning Disability Team, Green Lane, Resource Centre, Green Lane.     Phone 020 8566 2360

Acton:  W3, W4, W12, NW10
Town Hall, Winchester Street, Acton, W3 6NE  Phone 020 8579 2424.  9am - 4.30pm

Ealing and Hanwell:  W5, W13, W7.
Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL.  Phone 020 8579 2424.  9am - 4.30pm.

Greenford/Northolt/Perivale/Southall UB2, UB5, UB6, UB7.
301 Ruislip Road, Greenford.  Phone  020 8579 2424. 9am - 4.30pm.

For details on how to obtain a particular service please contact 020 8579 2424


The council offers a counselling service to people who have been adopted. If you wish to get information from your birth records contact the Family Placements Service duty social worker telephone 020 8832 6082 9.30am -5pm.


The council can offer an adoption service for children who cannot live with their own parents on a permanent basis. Children are placed with approved adoptive parents who are chosen to meet the child’s range of needs which include physical, emotional, cultural and religious needs.

Telephone: Freephone 0800 731 6550.


The council is keen to hear from prospective adoptive parents, especially people of African-Caribbean and Asian origin, who wish to become adoptive parents for children aged 4-11 years. For further information contact the Fostering and Adoption Connections social worker, 9.00am to 5.00pm:

Telephone: Freephone 0800 731 6550.


Adult education and evening courses run borough-wide, from September to June (day and evening). A guide is published every year and is available from libraries and council offices. For further information contact the Adult Education Service at Ealing Tertiary College.

Ealing Tertiary College Phone 020 8993 0496 or 020 8752 1544  Fax No. 020 8896 3334


The Pollution Control Team in Environmental Health monitors black smoke, sulphur dioxide,  nitrogen oxides, fine particles (PM 10 and PM 25), volatile organic compounds including benzene and ozone at sites across the Borough and publishes regular air quality bulletins and an annual air quality report for Ealing.  They also enforce all aspects of the Clean Air Act and monitor and control emission from industrial premises.  Planning applications for all new industrial processes are scrutinised and conditions relating to chimney heights, emission controls and arrestment plant are made.  Authorisations are issued for processes that emit pollutants under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.  The team is currently assessing air quality across the borough to see if there is a need for Air Quality Management Areas.  Click here to view our daily air pollution forecast.

Air Quality Hotline  Phone 0800 919094
Pollution Control  Phone 020 8758 5738


The council supported the campaign against Heathrow Terminal 5, because of negative environmental impacts in the borough.  The environmental, transport and economic implications of Heathrow, Northolt and indeed aviation policy generally as it affects the borough, are kept under review by the Planning Policy Team.

Tel: 020 8758 5659


Complaints should be made to the Heathrow noise complaints line (free call). Environmental Health has a monitoring line and it would be helpful if they could be informed of complaints made in order to enable them to collect data about residents' concerns.  Advice on aircraft noise is also given by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR).

Heathrow noise complaints line (free call)  Phone 0800 344844
DETR Phone 020 7944 3000


A 20-minute cut-out device is required on all intruder alarms and the police must be notified of keyholders in every case. For   further information contact:

Environmental Health (Alarms)  Phone 020 8758 5633


There are over 50 sites in all parts of the borough where a plot can be rented and produce grown. For information and a free leaflet phone number below.

Allotments  Phone 020 8758 5902


Aluminium foil from food containers can be recycled at any of the Borough's 52 can bank recycling sites. Wash the foil containers, roll them up in a ball and place them in the can bank.

Recycling Phone 020 8832 6464


The borough has two animal centres, in Brent Lodge Park and Walpole Park, which are open seven days a week from 10.00am.  Closing times vary according to the season. For further information contact the number below.

Countryside Service Phone 020 8758 5916

Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre Phone 020 8758 5019


Environmental Health is responsible for licensing pet shops, riding schools, dog breeders, boarding kennels, catteries, and zoos and for monitoring how they operate. The division also enforces the provisions of the Animal Health Act, the Dangerous Wild Animals Act, the Transport of Animals Act and the Guard Dogs Act.

Environmental Health   Phone 020 8758 5043


The Approved Lists Unit deals with applications to join the council's approved lists, maintains the list and monitors their use. The Unit also assesses the suitability of all companies and firms wishing to compete for council contracts.

Approved Lists Unit  Phone 0208 758 5267


Council records and archives may be consulted by those doing research into the history of the borough. They are housed at the Local History Library in Ealing Central Library.

Ealing Central Library  Phone 020 8567 3656
Email: [email protected]


Around Ealing is the council's magazine published regularly and distributed free to every home in the borough. It contains news of council events, policies and activities. To advertise in the magazine or if you do not receive your copy regularly please contact

Communications Unit  Phone 020 8758 5704 
Fax 020 8579 5224


Pitshangar Manor Gallery opened in 1996 as West London's premier contemporary art gallery. The gallery programmes up to six exhibitions a year with an annual schools show and biennial open exhibition. Each major exhibition is complemented by an extensive education programme for schools and the community. The gallery also programmes short courses in visual arts throughout the year.

Pitshangar Manor Gallery now organises up to two touring exhibitions a year to tour other galleries, both nationally and internationally. In 1999, a gallery dedicated to showing artwork by children and young people was opened was opened within the Manor House.

Contact: 020 8758 5096


The Arts and Cultural Service is dedicated to arts and cultural development for schools and the community using Pitshangar Manor and Gallery, Dominion Arts and Cultural Centre and the Music Service as a focus for its activity. It is also responsible for developing community arts initiatives with voluntary groups and projects supported by grants from the Council's Grant Schemes.

The Service is leading on the developmet of the Borough's Cultural Strategy.

Contact: 020 8758 5096


For information, advice and sampling contact Environmental Health. If you are concerned that there may be asbestos in a council house please contact your area housing office.

Environmental Health Pollution Control   Phone 020 8758 5633


There is an outdoor, floodlit, all-weather track at Perivale Park next to Gurnell Leisure Centre. It has a 400 metre track with eight lanes and provides training and coaching facilities for all track and field events. The track is available for hire for clubs, organisations and schools. Changing and access for people with disabilities. Open daily.

Perivale Park Athletics Track Phone 020 8575 5776


Ealing's Audit Service reviews the council's financial systems to ensure integrity and that value for money is obtained.  For information contact the number below.

Audit Services Phone 0208 758 5361



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