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Council Members

  • Ansell, Joan T (Con): Argyle Ward
  • Castle, Brian (Con): Argyle Ward
  • Aslam, Mohammed (Lab): Dormers Wells Ward
  • Brown, Anthony (Con): Ealing Common Ward
  • Clements-Elliott, Julia (Lab): Elthorne Ward
  • Coleman, Edward (Lab): Elthorne Ward
  • Anand, Jasbir (Lab): Glebe Ward
  • Chander, Umesh (Lab): Glebe Ward
  • Brookes, Elizabeth (Lab) Heathfield Ward
  • Cudmore, John (Lab): Heathfield Ward
  • Downham, Peter (Con): Mandeville Ward
  • Bagha, Tej Ram (Lab): Mount Pleasant Ward
  • Dheer, Ranjit (Lab): Mount Pleasant Ward
  • Delaney, John (Lab): Springfield Ward
  • Donnelly, Stephen (Lab): Springfield Ward
  • Crawford, Katherine (Lab): Vale Ward
  • Dhindsa, Kamaljit (Lab): Waxlow Ward
  • Bond, David (Lab): West End Ward
  • Dunckley, Fred (Lab): West End Ward
  • Beecroft, Martin (Lab): Walpole Ward
  • Gibb, Ian (Con): Argyle Ward
  • Evans, Laurence (Lab): Costons Ward
  • Green, Ian (Con): Ealing Common Ward
  • Greenhead, Phil (Lab): Hobbayne Ward
  • Gavan, Kieron (Lab): Northfield Ward
  • Gray, Tony (Lab): Victoria Ward
  • Gordon, Richard (Lab): Wood End Ward
  • Hetherington, Joy (Con): Costons Ward
  • Kang, Swarn (Lab): Costons Ward
  • Harris, Eileen (Con): Ealing Common Ward
  • Johnson, Yvonne (Lab): Heathfield Ward
  • Hider, Audrey (Con): Pitshanger Ward
  • Impey, Frank (Lab): West End Ward
  • Hall, Brenda (Con): Wood End Ward
  • Mann, Rajinder (Lab): Dormers Wells Ward
  • Majumdar, Margaret (Lab):Elthorne Ward
  • Pathak, Rabindara (Lab): Glebe Ward
  • Potts, Ian (Con): Hanger Lane Ward
  • Price, Royston (Lab): Hobbayne Ward
  • Manro, Shital (Lab): Horsenden Ward
  • Patil, Madhav (Lab): Mount Pleasant Ward
  • Mahal, Manjit (Lab): Northcote Ward
  • Perdesi, Ram (Lab): Northcote Ward
  • O'Neill, Joseph (Lab): Northfield Ward
  • Nijhar, Inderjeet (Lab): Perivale Ward
  • Payne, Christopher (Lab): Perivale Ward
  • Pagan, Diana (Con): Pitshanger Ward
  • Murray, Diane (Lab): Ravenor Ward
  • Mitchell, Andrew (LD): Southfield Ward
  • Payne, Margaret (Lab): Springfield Ward
  • Portwood, Philip (Lab): Victoria Ward
  • Murphy, Glenn (Con): Mandeville Ward
  • Porter, Richard (Lab): Wood End Ward
  • Richardson, Rev. Neil, (Lab) Mandeville Ward
  • Sumner, Nigel (Con): Hanger Lane Ward
  • Sears, Stephen (Lab): Hobbayne Ward
  • Sahota, Gurdip (Lab): Northcote Ward
  • Stokoe, Jill (Lab): Ravenor Ward
  • Thomson, Leonora (Lab): Ravenor Ward
  • Rose, Harvey (LD): Southfield Ward
  • Ryan, Kieran (LD): Southfield Ward
  • Sharma, Virendra (Lab): Walpole Ward
  • Singh, Manjit (Lab): Waxlow Ward
  • Singh, Gurcharan (Lab): Waxlow Ward
  • Varma, Surinder (Lab): Dormers Wells Ward
  • Yerolemou, Barbara (Con): Hanger Lane Ward
  • Varley, Frederick (Lab): Horsenden Ward
  • Woodroofe, Simon (Lab): Northfield Ward
  • Young, Anthony (Con): Pitshanger Ward
  • Wicks, Peter (Lab): Walpole Ward
  • Woodgate, Paul (Lab):Vale Ward

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