To use these files

These are all simple zip files. You will need some small experience of using and setting up programmes as they don't come with setup programmes.

  1. Create a folder and give it the name of the game you want to download,

  2. download the relevant file into that folder,

  3. extract the file from the zip file.

  4. Go to your desk top right click and click on new. Create a new shortcut, choose an icon for it.

  5. Point the shortcut at the exe file.

Its easier than it sounds give it a go. All these files I've had running on my computers (both windows 95 and 98) for years and they all work fine with no glitches. They are all share ware. I chose these as ones I felt I could trust.


42K An Ancient Egyptian game based upon drawings in tombs. Its a forerunner of Mancala and backgammon


362K A simple version of backgammon


1.128M Who Discovered Australia: This is a small simple picture story which argues that the Egyptian discovered Australia and then forgot. Interesting slant on history