The August issue of the Leeds Economic Bulletin contains the most recent information available on developments in the Leeds economy. It also features an article on the Leeds Metropolitan University.

The Bulletin contains information on

This August 2001 Bulletin .pdf (66k)

This June 2001 Bulletin (Feature - The Leeds Economy Handbook 2001 .pdf (70k)

This April 2001 Bulletin (Feature - Services to Businesses from the University of Leeds) .pdf (67k)

This February 2001 Bulletin (Feature - the Annual Employers Survey 2000) .pdf (65k)

This December 2000 Bulletin (Feature - the new Learning and Skills Council for West Yorkshire) .pdf (67k)

This October 2000 Bulletin (Feature - e-commerce in Leeds) .pdf (59k)

The August 2000 Bulletin (Feature - Leeds TEC/LDA Research Publications) .pdf (62k)

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